Front Row at Christian Lacroix


After honing all my skills going to the fashion shows I started to be able to get into some really good ones. Christian Lacroix was the first one I ever sat front row at and I was lucky enough to meet him afterwards. It was a highlight to me, but I’m sure completely forgettable to him. Oh well, at least I was able to shake his hand and say how much I loved the show and what an inspiration he is. It is so sad to see that a few short years later his company is bankrupt and he has practically no say in anything with his name attached to it. 😦

I thought this show was great because it was Spring/Summer and it was light and fun and casual but still so elegant. His use of prints was always so great to see as so many designers don’t use them or don’t know how to use them. He always knows how to use them. A good friend of mine actually worked in his textile department for a couple of years. I told her once she takes over that department she has to give me a job there and we would dominate the world with our prints!! Haha!

So here are some pictures from the show.

As I said before, this was my first time on the front row, and it was a surprist that my friend and I got to sit there. We squeezed our way in past security and went inside. We were just happy to be in to witness the show as this was still in the beginning of my show crashing career. The runway was laid out in a figure 8 and there were 3 or 4 rows of chairs following this shape. We just went and stood on the side of the room waiting to see where we were supposed to stand. As everyone took their seats there were 2 open on the front row and an usher came over and asked us to sit in them. REALLY??!! They just needed to fill the space before the show began. That is when it clicked for me that there are probably seats available at every show you just have to keep a look out for them.

I was told that all those reporters and buyers and whatnot are usually trying to catch up with old friends they see at the shows and a ton of them go to talk with someone and just take the seat next to them. A lot of people are not in seats where they are supposed to be and people just adjust even if it means squeezing extra people on the row or just moving to another spot. I’m sure there are a few people that are determined to have THEIR seat, but for the most part people have no idea where they are supposed to be sitting and they don’t really care they just sit where they want. So the best way to take one of those seats is you have to eye the seats that are empty even though most of the seats around them are full. Then you just have to stick close to your top 2 or 3 seats you could take and wait….and wait….and wait….and avoid talking to the ushers….and wait. You also need to keep an eye on the people chatting all over the place and see if any of them keep looking at the seats, because that probably means that is their seat and it is best to find another. Keep waiting and then just before the show starts they remove the plastic that is protecting the runway, this means you have about a minute before the show starts. Usually they have stopped letting people in at this point, so do one last look all around the place and see if anybody is making a move to the seats you are eyeing. Usually this is when people just sit where they are at because you can’t walk across the runway at this point and it is time to sit down and shut up. So make your move, snatch the seat and get your camera out! If you have the patience to wait there is always a good seat available. I was very good at this trick early in the days of the shows, but by the shows late in the day I usually just wanted to get inside and find a seat where I could see from and sit down for a few minutes and relax before the shows started.

Another great thing my friends and I did was sign up to be dressers for Costume National, I only have a couple of photos from backstage before the models came after that it was crazy hectic and then it was over. The jewelry at this show in particular was beautiful and I remember it getting a lot of press.

I want to go ahead and post the Lacroix and Valentino photos I got from the Couture shows I got into, I also was introduced to Mr. Valentino, I respect him and his brand, but I am not a huge fan of the design style, it was still cool though.

Here is Lacroix, I was in the 2nd or 3rd row and we had white roses on the seats for the 1st-3rd rows that you throw onto the runway at the end for him and the “bride”.

It’s Lily Cole, she was the “it” model for a few years.

I love the back of that blue dress. Beautiful draping.

Just gorgeous!


the bride. Not my favorite, but the detailing is amazing!

Here are some of the Valentino pics.

The detailing of this coat is beautiful

Look it’s Naomi Campbell!!

Since these posts just keep getting longer and longer, I will wrap this up and bring you more in a couple of days!!

See you then!


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