True Confession


I’m back and on a roll this week (already) it is going to be an amazingly productive week! So I want to kind of start to wrap up this fashion show seat crashing series and I must confess something…brace yourselves…I don’t like Chanel! Yes, I said it, I DO NOT LIKE CHANEL. I have never been a big fan and I don’t worship “Uncle Karl” like the rest of the world. So I am going to let you all know before you read on that there will be no pictures from me sneaking into a chanel show. I do regret not trying because I know I could have made it in and EVERYONE asks about it, but it was the first show of the day late in the week and I just could not get out of bed to attempt it. I did arrive to the Carrousel de Louvre as it was ending and after getting past the first round of security ended up literally running into Linda Evangelista leaving the show. You know the supermodel who famously said she didn’t get out of bed for under $10,000 a day. Yeah, that’s my philosophy too.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest and save you all from desperately searching for Chanel photos, they aren’t there. This post is however going to be an onslaught of some major shows. These are all from the Fall/Winter shows and I had really figured it out and went to all the big shows. Soooo, let the fun begin!

I can’t remember what designer this is, but I loved the show – it was a minor disaster! They held the show at a ice skating rink and the models were walking on the ice – or attempting the walk on the ice. The very first model had to walk to the very center of the rink and there was a spotlight there, well I think the heat from the light was melting the ice because as soon as she got there….WIPEOUT>>> she was down hard. Everyone gasped and she picked herself right up and continued on. The rest of the models tredded a little more carefully and you would see some feet slip but usually they stayed on their feet. The sad part was you could see their legs shaking. One poor model fell at the front of the the rink and got back up with a gash on her forehead and blood running down her face. They all soldiered on and it was quit the memorable show.

This next one is Vivienne Westwood, one of my favorite designers. The show was at the Carrousel de Louvre which is the easiest place to get into shows at. I think I was sitting on the 3rd row and had a really good view of everything.

Next up is Jean Paul Gaultier.

At this show I didn’t think I would get in and wasn’t sure how I would do so I decided to try the name I knew that was on the list, I believe it was the first time I tried it. Anyway I looked for the “Stephanie Vorhesse” (for you “Kell on Earth” fans) of the people at the door aka the flustered intern. Like I said before those people are completely overwhelmed and don’t know who is who and definitely don’t want to piss off someone important, so if the name is actually on the list you are in. And it worked seamlessly. He even told me my seat number. I went in and the show was about to start, it was dark and an usher tried to help me find my seat. The person who was supposed to be there was not she had snatched a better seat, someone else took her seat and the usher didn’t know what to do. So I just asked if I could look for another seat and grabbed an unobstructed view at the corner of one of the turns in the runway and had a great view, except for the extremely powerful lights shining in my direction!

Next up was the Rick Owens show, the using a name on the list trick worked so well at JPG I thought it will work here as well and it is a much smaller show. It was the last show of the night and it must have been past 9pm, so a lot of people chose not to go. I walk into the venue and up to the only person checking people in with the list and went up and stated “my name” and he looked at me with a smirk and responded “No you’re not and she’s NOT on the list”. shit. So he pointed me over to group of students wanting to get in and said you can wait over there if there is room we will let some people in. There was NO way I was going over there, they were not going to let any of them in so I walked over to the other side of the room and waited right by the velvet rope and then struck up a conversation in my mangled french with one of the security guys. He signaled to his buddy and the next thing I know I was inside drinking champagne sitting on the front row next to the editor of ID magazine, or so that is who he said he was. Luckily for me I was not that familiar with Rick Owens clothing but after the show I was a big fan. When the show let out, I saw I was right they had not let any of the students in. You can’t get rid of me that easily!

ok, well I need to wrap this up and find something to eat. It takes a long time to sort through all the photos, so I am going to work on that and get a little more organized so I can speed this up. I’ll get a 2nd post ready tonight so I can get this all done, but there are still so many shows I want to share!! I’ll post more really soon!


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