Another great set of Seat Crashing!


So here are some more shows I wiggled my way into. Honestly I can’t remember any good stories about getting in, I believe I just used the fumble in my bag trick and ignored any security guards and let myself get squeezed through the entrance. It is best to be unnoticed and watch for the opening when the security is answering someones question and you can squeeze by.

So anyway here is what I believe is Dries Van Noten. I’m not positive, so if anyone knows for sure let me know.

As I said in my last post I don’t like Chanel and am not a fan of Karl Lagerfeld, but I did end up going to the Lagerfeld Gallery show. It was at the Carrousel de Louvre and they have shows back to back and you just shuttle between the different runways, so I went sat towards the back and waited for the fashion genius to blow me away with a collection that shows his true sense of design, all him, nothing to do with Chanel. I was pretty disappointed. I mean of course the clothes are nice and have interesting details, but nothing ultra special. It was just another show amongst many that I forgot as soon as the next day began. Here are the photos, a lot was black so it is kind of hard to see in the photos.

this is before the show began

Next up is Rochas, which I was not terribly familiar with, but it was beautiful and I got one of my favorite perfumes from their show. I still have it and use it for special occasions because there is only a tiny bit left and I have never seen it for sale anywhere even those perfume shops in downtown LA that have every perfume you could imagine.

I wish I had someplace to wear these to. Especially the long driving gloves. I would die for a reason to drive to the store and get out to do my grocery shopping in that first outfit!

Now we have Sonia Rykiel, I was told I should tell security that I was a personal friend of her daughter – Natalie I think is her name? I did not have the courage to try that one, but somehow I have no idea how I got in. I didn’t have a great seat, but at least I was out of the snow.

Here is what the Jardin des Tuileries looked like during the entire fashion week, beautiful but I ended up with the flu by the end of the week 😦

So here are the Sonia Rykiel photos:

so sorry all of my photos are kinda crappy from that show.

So here is one last show for this post. Emanuel Ungaro, this was the 2nd time I got in, but the other one I only got one photo before my camera died. This one was also at the Carrousel de Louvre and easy enough to get into. I grabbed a seat and it wasn’t a great seat but it was on the aisle.  Once the show started I moved down to the front row and sat in the aisle on one of the steps, so I ended up with a great view. Too bad the show wasn’t that exciting.

The picture on the left is probably the ugliest jacket I have ever seen.

Yeah, this show was not very impressive. Oh well, they can’t all be amazing.

So I am going to wrap up this post and get pictures ready for the next one and do some work while I am at it. The last of the shows I have are coming up maybe in 2 posts – they are Lacroix (again) Junya Watanabe, Kenzo, McQueen, Chloe, Galliano, Comme des Garcons, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and Hermes. Good lord that is still a lot of shows to cover. The next one should be up tomorrow! So check back!


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