Introducing Philip Andrews


At Black Crow Studios, we develop designs all the time, but we also like to work with other artists who have a unique look that works with our core design philosophy. We want to deliver more than just wallpaper, we want to give you something that makes a statement! We are busy arranging new artists to join the team so before all of that happens I wanted to introduce you to the ones that we are already working with.

Philip Andrews was on board from the beginning.  Philip is actually the alter ego of an artist who wanted to show her other side where she can be experimental and try new things without alienating her normal clients. This work is a big departure from her normal style and I just LOVE it. I hope you all do too. As soon as I mentioned starting this company she told me that she had been working on some other things and wanted to see what I thought. I immediately knew I needed to use these things and I encouraged what she was doing and the results have been phenomenal. I have loaded up some of the ideas, but I have dozens more to do for you all to see. Philip has been working as an artist for over 40 years and has been very successful. That is why I am so excited about this new side emerging. I love to see artists continually evolving in their style.

this one is my favorite, I just love the way the colors start to mix together.

this one is a little crazy but I think it is fun!

That is just a quick peek at what we have from Philip Andrews to see the rest of the collection (so far – more coming) CLICK HERE!!

Don’t forget to stop by our facebook fan page and if you like what we are doing we hope you will become a fan!



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