25 things you need to know about the REAL me!


So if you want to learn about the company you can go here, if you want to learn the cleaned up professional part about me you can go here. If you want to know the real me, the one that spends all day working on my computer and occasionally finds the time to meet up with friends you can keep reading!

Here are 25 things you probably don’t know about me, unless you live with me.

1. I curse like a sailor, I drop f-bombs left and right and sometimes they slip out unintentionally.

2. I have a very unhealthy obsession with black pens. I like to draw everything with black pens, going to the art store is very bad for my bank account as I buy almost every pen they have. When I get home I dump them all out on the desk and get a sketchbook out to test out all the lines of the pens, so I know how they all draw. I have a ton of them and I get soooo excited when I go out and buy more!

3. My favorite food is ice cream – I can’t pass it up. I will eat it for lunch or dinner (or both!) yikes!

4. I have a slight addiction to Dr. Pepper, but I think everyone from Texas does.

5. My first car was a ’72 VW Karmann Ghia – dark blue.

6. My second car was a ’71 VW Squareback – orange.

7. I don’t like coffee, but I drink a ton of it. I have to use a ton of Cinnamon Vanilla creamer. To quote the Beastie Boys “I like my sugar with coffee and cream”

8. My favorite band is the Dresden Dolls and my favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (and Dirty Dancing!)

9. My background is in Fashion and I am a super design snob. You would never guess it by the way I dress, I’m a super casual and comfy kinda gal, but I am hard to impress when it comes to fashion.

10. I create designs by trying to express a mood and feeling that I feel rather than trying to create the next cool design.

11. I firmly believe there are absolutely no rules to design and if there are, they are just meant to be broken. I don’t work within the pre-defined parameters of what works and what doesn’t.

12. I will watch anything Bravo TV makes a highlight of mine is when @bravotv and @alexmccord started following me on twitter.

13. I like to have people over, but hate being a hostess.

14. I would make a terrible housewife, I hate cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, doing laundry, gardening, grocery shopping and any other domestic duties you can think of. My fiancé is always trying to “domesticate” me and every now and then there are some glimpses of it working, but they are far and few between.

15. I hate matching anything, except maybe shoes 🙂 I like to mix and match everything, pillows, plates, swimsuits, etc.

16. I love to buy jackets, sweaters, coats, I have way too many for someone who lives in SoCal.

17. I have the best fiancé in the world, he helps me with all the domestic parts of life, thank god or we would live off easy mac and never have clean clothes. We both hate putting up clothes though, it becomes a problem. We usually have to dump them all on the bed so we have to put them up before going to sleep.

18. I love to listen to oldies, mainly from the 50s and 60s. I was so excited to get a record player for our living room so we can play all our old vinyl while I sit and drink coffee and do blog posts!

19. I went and camped out at a 3 day Rock Festival in Nurburgring, Germany. That was the only time I have been to Germany and I don’t think anything could top that experience. It was soooo fun and I wish I could go this year.

20. I live in flip flops and when I need to be “fancy” I put on my converse. I need a new pair.

21. When I need to be Ultra fancy and professional I always have my shoes with me, I keep all of my heels in the trunk of my car, that way whenever I get to where I am going and need to throw them on I have all options with me. You never know when you plan to where black heels and then you get there and decide – no silver is way better! Most times I just stick to the converse anyway so it really doesn’t matter.

22. I read A LOT of books! I am even in two book clubs, but am a little behind in the reading at this moment. I have to finish The 19th Wife, start Divisadero, and read Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself.

23. I paint my nails crazy colors, teal, aqua, purple, silver, the cooler the color the better. Never red or a french manicure (ugh)!

24. I love to see when people have a strong personal style and it pours out in everything they do, I think it is imperative to find your own style and embrace it, never be afraid to express it.

25. I have a compulsion that every drawing, photo, textile print should be blown up gigantic and on a wall, that is one of the reasons that led me to start my company, I couldn’t keep it inside any longer!!

I don’t take myself too seriously, so that is a peak into the REAL me, the stuff that gets left out of the bio.


4 thoughts on “25 things you need to know about the REAL me!

  1. Whatever, I knew most of that 🙂 I love you and am so proud of what you are doing!!!! So don’t worry, I have the domesticated thing down for both of us!

  2. hi tracy, just read the 25 things about you (none of which i knew (heather). fascinating. i also just left you a message on fb. no, i’m not a stalker. just love art and creativity. i’m almost tempted to follow you on twitter – but that’s not my thing – and will serve as proof that i don’t stalk. i think the shoes in the trunk (if you still do that) is the funniest ever and i can’t wait to tell my ‘fancy’ friends about that.

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