Snug Furniture and Black Crow Studios team up for Awesomeness

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So about a year ago I met Maybelline Te on twitter and we became quick twitter buddies even though we have never met in person. She has always been very supportive of Black Crow Studios and she even  used one of our wall paper designs in her look book for the Decorating Diva, which was very exciting! I (along with many others) have been watching a waiting to see her new contemporary furniture line debut – SNUG Furniture. The day is nearing and the big debut will be at ICFF in NYC in just  a couple of weeks. So I reached out to her to see if they would be interested in putting up a wallpaper for their showroom at ICFF. So we worked out the details and a wallpaper was shipped out on Friday, they should have it in their hands today. Maybelline and her business partner Alex wanted to see some options so I made up a few ideas over a weekend and sent them over. Since a lot of you also know Maybelliene and Snug Furniture I wanted to see if you all know the Snug Furniture team as well as you think and can pick out which one they chose for the showroom. I was surprised and excited to see what they went for. Can you guess which one it is? Not only is one of our wallpapers going up at ICFF, I am also going to be there, so I will take some photos of the showroom and post them here on the blog so you can see which one they actually picked and a sneak peak at the line, for those that can’t be there in person! I know you all can hardly contain the excitement so take your best guess! Oh, and if you are going to be at ICFF let us know and come by and see us and say Hi at booth 1154!

We hope to see you there!



11 thoughts on “Snug Furniture and Black Crow Studios team up for Awesomeness

  1. The one I prefer is the latest, but I love all of them. I don’t know SNUG FURNITURE, but Im going to right now. I can’t guess which paper will they choose. Maybe the first one? When I have visited them, I’ll come back and bet.

  2. Tracy!! i love them all, if only we had all the walls for all of them! thanks for the blog post and thank you for this wonderful opportunity to collaborate. I can’t wait to see what everyone’s guess will be! 🙂

  3. Well everyone, you will be surprised to know that snug furniture and the team behind it all are very edgy, so the first one is NOT the one they picked, even though it is very lovely, not quite badass enough…keep guessing 🙂

  4. thanks for playing the guessing game with tracy! it’s fun to see people’s answers. I just came from the booth today and saw the wallpaper up close!!! we love it and it looks sooo FAB! thanks tracy! can’t wait for the big reveal. 🙂

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