ICFF and Where the Hell have I been?


As you might know I recently was able to attend ICFF along with the great team at SNUG Furniture. It was a great experience and I had a blast meeting my twitter friends in person!! I personally had never been to ICFF and found it super inspiring. I love that you get to see everyone there just to show off their new ideas and let me tell you there are some BRILLIANT products out there and some AMAZING designs. Sometimes it blows your mind that people can come up with such great ideas. I hope that I inspire people in the same way they inspire me. This post is pretty late and was going to go up a couple of weeks ago, but as I returned from NYC, an exhausted shell of a woman, my fiance talked me into going with him to Portland a few days later. I went, we had a LOST series finale party there, then I came back home and ended up with a cold. I’m still not over it completely, but I think it was my body saying get back in bed and get some f*@#ing sleep! Anyway back to ICFF, let’s get down to some pictures of the show, the people, and the things I loved (but don’t remember the names of any of the companies, sorry! I’m terrible at this stuff!)

Let’s start with the SNUG booth, where I called home for a few days. I couldn’t have asked for better people to do the show with and I truly appreciate everything they did for me. I can also tell you about all the techniques and materials used for their products if anybody want to quiz me!

Me and my wallpaper sitting on a super comfortable couch by SNUG, I enjoyed that couch a lot during ICFF!

Great view of the SNUG collection, funny thing about this is I had no idea they had a grey couch or black couch or teal table or orange table, it was just a design I came up with and was very surprised when they picked it. I had no idea about those pieces until I got there for the opening day. When I stopped by the day before everything was still wrapped up! I was pleasantly surprised that it all worked together so well!!

And of course the lovely Leslie Carouthers (@tkpleslie as I prefer to call her) who I happened to meet for the first time minutes before this picture was snapped!

A group shot, Left to Right Leslie Carothers (@tkpleslie) Marcy Feld (@irwinfelddesign) Me (@tracyhiner) and Maybelline Te of SNUG (@maybellinete) I met May the day before this and Leslie and Marcy just a few minutes before the photo. We all knew each other from Twitter and I had been tweeting with them for about a year, give or take. I feel like now we are best buds! Not pictured that I also met were Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo (@abcddesigns) Liz Orgera (@shorelychic) Catherine Avery (@averydesign) and Ellen Cagnassola (@sweetsoaps) Jacob Harlow (@thecenturyhouse) there were probably more than that, but I can’t remember!

Now that you have seen the wallpaper from every angle….we can move on 🙂

Here was ICFF the afternoon before it opened up to the public. I couldn’t even get down most of the aisles because of all the boxes! I was sure there is NO way ALL of it would be done and up in time, but it was.

I didn’t have a lot of time to walk around the show and really look at everything, but I did get out for a quick run around every now and then and these are some of the things I saw and liked and took a quick photo of. There was a lot of exciting products to see and I did not photograph most of them because most of the time I didn’t even have my camera with me!! So bad!!

These trees appear to be printed on metal, it was the only thing in the booth and the few times I passed it I never saw a person near the booth and nobody approached me as I stood there, so I really have NO idea who it is or what they do??? I still thought it was cool.

It looks like this might be a company called Lights Up. I am madly in love with these lampshades, they have the best patterns and are cute and fun and really well designed. I would put them in my house that is for sure!!

This is a company from Spain called Myvinilo Creative Wall Design. I love cut out wall graphics and I think these flowers are very well done and it was a very noticeable display that is for sure!

I love these tiles, I don’t know the company name, but I love the colors and the way the words are splotchy and running down the tile. It is so un-perfect that it is perfect and bad ass!

I love the huge dude printed on whatever that is, I walked by it many times and couldn’t not look at it. I love it hanging there, but I am sure if that was in my house it would scare the crap out of me! Especially if I was home alone, I get a little jumpy!!

This was the booth right across from us, it was a group of 4 different companies from Canada. Tsunami Glassworks did the black glass pieces hanging in the picture. I love them because the shapes were so organic and reminded me of black ink droplets.

This was one of my favorite booths because you were drawn to it like a moth to a flame, but once you got there it wasn’t all that exciting, it looks better from afar. Or maybe I just didn’t “get it” and it was totally amazing, groundbreaking work????

I have no idea why, but I LOVE this company. When I first saw it, I was like WTF? Then as I continued to look at it I really loved it. It’s fun and silly and I am a big fan of home decor being a little silly. I prefer people who don’t take their homes too seriously and don’t need it to be perfect and therefore can have some silly fun stuff to add personality. I didn’t sit on this so I don’t know how comfortable it is, but I don’t really care!

I love this table and that is what made me look twice at the other stuff. Plus I REALLY wanted one of the plexi gun necklaces hanging there, it was too perfect because as we all know… skulls are out, guns are in!

So that was my time at ICFF, lots of work, lots of great connections made, and lots of fun on top of all of it. I have more to share, but I will get into the social stuff on the next post with more pictures 🙂


3 thoughts on “ICFF and Where the Hell have I been?

  1. Awsome information and images, Tracy. I’m glad to see you enjoyed one company from my country, Spain. Maybe some day I’ll write to you to ask you some advice on wallpapers. Never worry, I’m no competitor to you!

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