What do you Crave LA?

Big F*ing News, Work Fun

I had a GREAT week last week!!!!! I have so many great things I want to tell you all about, I won’t go into a lot of details on some of them because there will be blog posts for each coming up. Plus if I say it all *out loud* on the blogosphere I run a high risk of jinxing all of it and that would just be tragic.

First big news is a phone call from a designer on a tv show doing a makeover of a room and she wants to feature one of my wallpapers!!! Woo Hoo!! the coolest thing is it would be on NATIONAL TV and she also happens to write for a big time blog and wants to do a post on the makeover and then later a 2nd post just about my company!! Double score! I don’t want to say any more because this project is a super tight turn around and I’m not 100% positive we will get it to happen this time. I am hoping so, if she is as on top of her shit as she seems we will knock it out of the park. So I am just going to leave it at that and hopefully have an update for your guys in a couple of weeks that all went well and look for our television debut! hehe.

That was Tuesday morning then I turned around and that night I had the Launch Party for the amazing Crave Los Angeles book that my little company was picked to be featured in. It  is such a cool concept, it features 125 women business owners and has a profile of their company. It was exciting to finally see this book come to fruition and it was amazing to see the women who were also in the book, as I am huge fans of some of the companies featured. It was also fulfilling to see my brand new little company sitting there amongst all the other very well established and kick ass companies that I look up to. The party was a blast and was completely PACKED! I ran into many friends and made some new ones too! So it all went better than expected, oh and I gorged myself on mini red velvet cupcakes…so delicious.

The great thing is I have copies of the book for sale if anyone wants one for $25 including shipping. More importantly I am sending them to all of my family!! 2 exciting things happened when I got home and was flipping through reading about all the cool businesses, (1) there was a furniture store called Weego Home (I love the store) and they had one of the pieces I made at Soicher Marin hanging above a bed in the store photo! (2) Melissa Joan Hart ummmmm….hello….Clarissa Explains it All for all you 80’s kids was featured in the book too, I guess she has a kid’s candy and yogurt shop out in the valley.

(terrible photos from my phone, I know.)

The last few things of my action packed week are only going to get a brief and very vague mention because they are still a ways from being official. I will do blog posts for each if they come through so you have all the details!!

1. got an email from a HUGE hotel chain that saw my stuff and took my info at ICFF!! I almost fainted when I opened the email saying they were interested and wanted to get more info….holy crapola…keep your fingers crossed it goes further than that!

2. went and toured a women’s center that is being opened in downtown LA and I am donating a wallpaper for the reception area, possibly doing a lot more through out the building, looking for sponsors or donations to offset costs to do a wallpaper for each floor. Lots more info coming about this one!

3. Have the owner of a very cool company flying out to meet me and we are going to hash out the details for a very exciting collaboration. I am so excited about it and I think it could be very good for my company…or disastrous…but fuck it, I’m going for it!

I know, I know, STFU, enough about me. I am just so excited that I started this little idea of a company 6 months ago and only really started pushing it about 3 months ago. To have all of this coming about is just bananas and I am very excited to see how it all plays out! You all will be the first to know what happens!


3 thoughts on “What do you Crave LA?

  1. GIRL! All wonderful things. It’s so great to see Crave digging your stuff – the rest of us have already known how cool your art was for centuries! (heh.)

    The book looks just beautiful! I’d love a copy, remind me next time I see you. Will you sign it? 🙂

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