Black Crow Studios is on Extreme Makeover TONIGHT!!

Big F*ing News

So many of you know that a couple of months ago I reached out (over and over) again to Extreme Makeover Home Edition to pretty please use some of my wallpaper for their show!! Well they did, they used a lot of it and I almost had a nervous breakdown during the process. It was so much work and such a short timeline to get it done, but it got there and to be honest, I was so damn tired by the end of it that I didn’t care if they used it or not (so I said to my sleep deprived self)…thankfully they did. So, as of now I have not seen any pictures of the project, but the episode is going to air tonight! I will be getting pictures, but not until after it airs (so there are no spoilers). I will do another post when I get the images so you all can see exactly what we did and I will tell you as much as I can without getting in trouble about how it was working with the extreme makeover team. hint: they are actually super cool and work so hard it is kind of unbelievable. I don’t know how they pull it off week after week, I would be a walking zombie by 3 days into the season.

So, from what I was told this was the biggest build they had ever done because it wasn’t for a single family it was for a great organization called Girls Hope. There was some MAJOR weather issues that caused quite the commotion  so tune in tonight and see how it all went down for the 2 hour season premiere!! . Seriously you know you have nothing better to do (or maybe that is just me). Watch on ABC tonight 7pm/6 central.

Thanks as always to everyone for all the support over the last year as I got this little company up and running!!



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