When life gets flipped upside down and twisted around


oh my oh my….it has been forever since I did a REAL blog post. I hate shamelessly promoting myself (which were the last few posts) as I am a real person and not just a company. Real life happens and sometimes it just effing sucks. So where should I begin? That is a good question. A few weeks ago I got up one day, walked the dogs and by the time I got home I had a HORRIBLE migraine. It turned out I was going to have those migraines every single day for over 2 weeks…almost 3. It was miserable. The biggest trigger was light, sunlight and the ever so lovely light coming from my computer. Considering almost 90% of my business is created and run with computers that was a bit of a problem. So for all of that time I was completely MIA. I couldn’t return emails without triggering a massive migraine, I couldn’t talk on the phone because it was just too hard to concentrate on the conversation and I just didn’t return text messages…to anyone. I felt like my body was turning against me and I couldn’t beat it back into submission. I cried, but it only made it worse…I tried my hardest to work but after 10 minutes looking at the computer I had to lay back down it hurt so bad. I tried to use my reading glasses more maybe it was eye strain? Nope. I thought I have been working my ass off for this company for months and hadn’t actually had a vacation for about 2 and half years, maybe my body was just saying enough is enough, but I didn’t think so. I went to doctors who said I needed to see a neurologist who specializes in migrains, well without any insurance that isn’t very likely to happen. I was tested and there are no brain tumors or anything so don’t freak out! Finally the migrains started to let up…after about a month I was back to work. I took a moment to survey the damage of completely dropping off the face of the earth and it was devastating. I worked SO hard to build up press and I gave away tons of product so people could see the amazingness of the print quality in person…and I was getting calls and emails left and right. Daily Candy ran a piece in the LA section about us and the migraines started about 3 days later. Needless to say I tried to keep up with requests for as long as I could, but I just couldn’t and I dropped the ball on request after request and found myself trying to go back to these people to explain the situation, but it was too late. There was no saving the jobs and I was super depressed that all the momentum I had been building and things were just about to take off – like big time – and I crashed and burned. WTF? So I am trying to rebuild all that momentum as we speak and have some great things lined up, but it still sucks to have seemed flaky to people who were willing to give me money and all I had to do was not be a douche and respond in a timely manner.

Before all of that my Fiance started working our of our house along with me and our traditional layout of the condo wasn’t working out very well, so we decided to change things up a bit. We decided to get rid of our dining area and move our living room upstairs into the extra bedroom which had been my office. So the living room is now upstairs and the open downstairs which was the living and dining area is now a dual office/ workroom. We bought huge worktables and set up our respective shops. I have to say the dogs are massively confused by all of this and spend most of the day upstairs. Well if that didn’t confuse them enough the next thing really will and this is where it gets exciting!!

We bought a house (pics at the end of the post)!! I knew someone selling their house and I had always liked it. The good news is (1) it will cost us less than we currently pay on our Condo and no HOA dues!! (2) The house is the same size as our condo (3) it has a huge garage that has been used as an art studio before, it has internet, tv, phones, air conditioning, skylights, it is going to be an amazing studio space. (4) Using the garage as a studio it still has room for both of our cars in the driveway that is secured. (5) it has new floors new wiring, new plumbing (and my personal fav) a tankless hot water heater! (6) it was built in the late 20’s and has so much effing charm I want to die (I love those cute little old homes). (7) tons of room for our 3 dogs a nice sized front yard and a big back area – they are going to be so happy.

The bad news is (1) I will no longer be living on the Westside, this is a bit heartbreaking to me because I absolutely love the westside of LA. It was the perfect place for me, close to the beach and such a laid back attitude. (2) it is in North Long Beach. If you don’t know about Long Beach the best way to describe it to someone unfamiliar is ghetto. Now in reality it isn’t too bad, but it has a lot more crime and is more run down than where we live now. I think of Long Beach as the Brooklyn of LA, but I really have no idea because I have only been to Brooklyn once and for only about a day. From what I have heard Snoop Dogg grew up in North Long Beach. Word. I’m digging it. (3) North Long Beach is kind of South Compton…… (4) now we have to pack and move and then the unholy unpacking which I don’t even want to think about.

Now don’t worry everyone, the neighborhood we are in is pretty safe and about a mile away from a really nice area and a country club, just don’t go the other way – like for reals! Unfortunately we ended up selling off a bunch of our furniture a couple of months ago and so now we are really short on furnishings and the house is going to be kind of pathetic until we get that figured out. Thankfully the flea markets here are AMAZING. I am going to try to channel my inner Decor Demon and make the place amazing. I have a million and a half ideas for wallpaper and NO CLUE for interior design, because that shit is hard to do-especially because we are dirt poor until our condo sells (and still even after that, but we will at least be able to buy groceries then). I have a very strong sense of what I like and what I don’t like and I have to say I don’t like 90% of shit I see! Just a quick injection here is that I absolutely Hate with a capital H design books stacked anywhere as decoration especially the fashion ones (unless of course it is the new McQueen one) or ones that are bought because they will look good in the room, if you are going to have books make sure it is because you like to read them or they inspire you NOT because they look good the way they stack on top of each other and will make you look intellectual and sophisticated. Ok, stepping off the soap box.  Oh yeah and we have this crazy weird window, that is beautiful and original to the house, but what the hell do you put as a covering that isn’t going to look completely lameass? (see picture below and seriously I need ideas) If there are any designers or furniture companies out there that have furniture you just don’t really want anymore we will happily be accepting deliveries once we get moved in! I’m talking to you Irwin Feld Design!! They are my all time fav furniture peeps, they do Mid Century Modern furniture that fucking rocks your socks off because it is fun and they use great fabric…I could go on and on. When I was in their showroom in CT back during ICFF I thought I was walking through heaven. If you are in the CT/NY area GO THERE!! You will not regret it! Oh and I have to give one more shout out to my friend Laurie March from Improvemental (@EvangelistaLA on twitter) we met a while back when I was working at Soicher Marin and we developed a friendship from that and she has been a great support to me with this whole business craziness, but this has to do with her business. While in escrow we found out there was a little problem with the foundation. We ended up with 2 DRASTICALLY different quotes of what needed to be done. One person said it had to be replaced along and entire side of the house, the 2nd was like patch this area and you are good. The quotes were drastically different in price also obviously. I called up Laurie and told her what was going on, what did she think and did she have someone that could go over and give me a real honest opinion of the work that needed to be done. She took the time to talk to me for a long time about it and then sent me the name of the guy she would recommend. She got in touch with him and told him what was going on so he knew when I called. He came out gave us a real honest opinion and I felt very comfortable with his evaluation. Now what was so nice about this is she has been CRAZY busy and I wasn’t paying her, I mean I know we are friends, but to take the time she did was amazing! Ok, so here are some pics of the house, I’ll do some posts of our progress into making it a super cool fun place to live.

I little tiny Spanish style home.

This is the living room looking into the kitchen

Here is the weird window…how do I not make it totally lame?

Small cute kitchen, I think I want to paint the cabinets turquoise or something totally fun!

One of the little bedrooms

Looking from one bedroom down to the other bedroom. It is only a 2 bed one bath, but plenty for the 2 of us.

There is the little bathroom, it’s cute!

This is the detached garage with parking in front of it plus where the person is standing to take the pic is a large area to set up our patio furniture, or park another car is needed (maybe 2 cars).

We haven’t closed on the house so I am possibly jinxing the hell out of it…I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it works out!


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