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So, I was browsing Facebook the other day and there was  post from one of my FAV stores – This is Not Ikea – also known as Tini. They find and sell some super cool vintage furniture and I guess also do a bit of interior design. Well wouldn’t you know it they are filming for a Bravo TV show and are looking for people here in the Los Angeles area that want their homes redecorated by them. HELLOOOOOOO – we just bought a new house and I would LOVE to have them come in and give it some personality. Also they mentioned you would get all the furniture at a BIG discount and let’s be honest – who couldn’t use that?? We most definitely could, not gonna lie. Like the HUGEST discount ever would be fantastic!! So, I totally emailed them and said PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!! I really doubt that they will, but anyone else out there who wants to come help decorate our new house and give us funky cool furniture for super cheap – CALL ME!

So for those of you who aren’t familiar with the store, I have painstakingly gone through the site and picked out my favorite things!

This is the first image you see on the site and it makes me swoon! Add some of this furniture and my custom wallpaper and I think you have a winning combination…if I may say so myself!

Ok so I am gonna throw a lot of pictures at you, but I would be totally happy if they showed up with ANY of these things…or hell I’d be happy if they just showed up at all!

This is like my favorite desk ever!!

this couch makes me feel all I Love Lucy!

These would be heavenly around our dining room table….if we had one…

I desperately need both of these as lights in my house!!

some art for the walls

a few accessories!

I love that light….LOVE IT!

ok, I have to stop, this is getting ridiculous! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and maybe you will see our little home getting redecorated soon…I hope they read this 🙂


One thought on “this is not ikea

  1. Tracy,

    First off I love you article. Second , I am the Manager at tini and spoke with Alexis about your article and we just want to give you a big thanks for all of the great things that you said and how much you love your site and store. We wanted to check and see if you were still interested in our Interior Design Services? If you are go ahead and shoot me an email and we can talk about it. I look forward to speaking with you.

    Stephen Friedman

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