Recent Rejects

Recent Rejects, Work Fun

I am compiling all the designs that have been created for clients that have been delegated to the reject pile.  A little peak at the things that might never see the light of day….until now. Now don’t laugh some are just works in progress and when they weren’t progressing very well they got hidden away to never be seen again.

sample prints that were delivered to a client this evening – one was the big winner of these 3.

Same client differnt area one of the 5 printed was selected for another little area in her home.



sample printing

rejected, but still beautiful

rejected maybe because it looks like something Dexter would be investigating.

another one bites the dust, but I think it might find a special place in my home 🙂

REJECTED!!!! But similar one used on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

rough draft of similar idea….REJECTED!

ok, so the extreme makeover stuff is very “young teen” but at least you get to be really creative and over the top it’s kind of anything goes such as these pink ice cream cones. I think they might be frightening at 10ft. tall, or else they would totally kick ass, but we will never know for sure.

these are kind of hard to see – maybe that is a good thing?

moody – a bit tooo moody. I was feeling very emo that day.

another one for Extreme Makeover

Downtown Women’s Center reject!


Welp there you go! I have more hidden away that REALLY should never be out for public viewing and hopefully were lost when my hard drive crashed and burned last week, but I am sure I will stumble across them one day and be horrified by the crap I find. such is life.


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