A Year in Review

Work Fun

So I needed to clear up some space on my phone and transfered all my photos off of it onto my computer. It was kind of like a condensed version of the past year. The year started off with a bang and had a lot of momentum and the beginning of the year was great. The last part of the year has honestly been really fucking hard. Every little thing seems to be a huge challenge and I feel like luck is just not on my side right now. So, I hope that the next year I will pull out of this funk and it will be back to zipping right along. So I guess all I can do is just wait and see what happens.

This is a photo recap of the year as seen through a cell phone camera.

the launch of black crow studios! (this photo is not taken by the cell phone camera, but was on the memory card)

pink hair!! hells yeah!

wallpaper for SNUG

wallpaper for SNUG installed at ICFF

at a party during ICFF

visiting Irwin Feld Gallery and having my mind completely blown away at the gorgeousness

staying at the Four Seasons in Dallas, our doors opened onto the 18th green, it was so nice.

looking at Driscoll Villa at the AMOA as a possible wedding site, it was absolutely gorg

that photo is from their site http://www.amoa.org/site/PageServer?pagename=fac_laguna but you see what I mean when I say GORG!

Photo by Heather Mabry, Eclectic Images Photography

Birthday cake baked by my fiancée (see that TH in the middle??)

television debut of BCS – on Open House NYC – thank you Courtney Cachet! The same design was featured on the Today Show as a recap of this episode – how cool!

Being one of 125 companies featured in the 1st edition of Crave Los Angeles (email me if you want a copy!)

Extreme Makeover Home Edition one panel of many

Pink Martini at the Hollywood Bowl

ugh the hottest day EVER in the history of mankind

at the Downtown Women’s Center project site, with my hat on crooked – typical me

getting my hurr did, it is hard to have such short blonde hair

printing samples

Install at DWC

project lost due to a hard drive failure and an external back up hard drive failure – fun times! RIP

car accident, more fun times!

Holiday House in NYC – not my photo, but I am gonna count it anyway cuz it was in my album on my phone!


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