Happy New Year!!

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Ok, so I am just starting the New Year now. The officially recognized beginning of the year started off really rocky for me personally and I was like Great. 2011 is going to suck hardcore. That was not the way I wanted to start the year so I decided not to start it. Things have turned around and are on a positive trajectory right now, so it seems like a great time to start the new year and take advantage of all the things that are starting to happen. Here’s to 2011!!



So these last couple of weeks have been mad crazy. Last week was the Design Bloggers Conference which I did not attend – it was kinda pricey, but I heard it was good and a MUST DO next year. Even though I didn’t go, I did hit up a bunch of little parties that were going on. The best one was the tweet up hosted by the amazing @ BluePRintBrands I got to meet so many people that I know on twitter finally in real life. Then there was the Trad Home party, the Veranda party and the Secrets of a Stylist launch party which had me go over to Hollywood for the first time in F…O…R…E…V…E…R.

This week has been the longest week ever, trying to get designs done for the amazing Snug Furniture booth at the Architectural Digest Show in NY next week! We collaborated for the ICFF show last year you can check my post about it here.

Well not to toot my own horn, but this one is going to kick that designs ass – like a total beat down. I am so excited to see it installed in the booth, I will be sure to post pictures once we get it all set up. Plus I saw some of the pieces they are showing and they are sick! I think they are some of the coolest pieces and I can’t wait for people to see it. I wish I was a rich girl because I would buy up a ton of their tables. I have no idea where I would fit them in my house, but who cares I would have them none the less!!

UPDATE: My computer lost the internet connection last night while I was doing this post and we installed the wallpaper today so here is a pic of me unrolling the wallpaper (will post an install pic once the space is set up)

So now that the year has finally begun and is off to a great start I believe that Greatness is what we on the brink of (ok, and I will admit that nicki minaj is a total guilty pleasure for me right now)

GREATNESS is what we are ALL on the brink of so let’s make it happen!


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