Let’s Get Inspired

Inspiration Mondays

Mondays are a hard day for me to feel creatively inspired. Usually it is spent trying to tie up loose ends from the week before, answer the bazillion emails in my inbox and then trying to kick my to-do list’s ass, but that is a never ending losing battle.

So I am going to try to take a moment each monday and find something that inspires me. To start with I will share with you a book I bought not too long ago that is a go to for feeling inspired and a little jealous of the amazing talent possessed by this woman.

The book is Lulu and it is filled by collages by the textile designer Lulu De Kwiatkowski. It is like a visual journal of her life and a peek into her soul. You can buy it at amazon and it is worth every penny.

I would love to do these collages as large scale wallpapers…I would do one in my house for sure and how killer would it be to have one of these in the showrooms that carry her fabric line. I would die to see that! Now all I have to do is get up the balls to ask her 🙂


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