digging through the past

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A few weeks ago we got the last of our crap out of storage and moved it into the attic I had a little suitcase in there filled with old projects from my AAU days. My very early textile/fashion design days…and they were not so pretty.

Honestly the first projects I ever did were absolutely horrible. I mean god awful. Thankfully I pulled my shit together and actually became a decent designer.

So of course I am going to share this shit with the world. What can I say about this textile design project?

Bad fabric choice. I am sure it was like $0.49 a yard or something. Bad color choices. Bad technique. Bad collection. All around it was bad and I am just thankful that my teacher at the time didn’t tell me to leave the school and become an accountant or something.

sorry to subject you all to this disaster, but it is fun to see where it all started from. God it is shockingly bad.


3 thoughts on “digging through the past

    1. you are too kind, actually I think the photos don’t quite capture how bad the printing technique is. I had no clue what I was doing silkscreening and it is a big hot mess in person 🙂

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