here comes the bride….or not.


So as some of you may know, I am engaged. I have been for quite some time. I have looked at a lot of places to get married at and I thought why not share some of this with you??

The more places we look at the more I think we will just elope because I just don’t want to spend that much money on a party. That being said I still want it to be special, so I think a wedding on the beach in Bora Bora and staying in an over water bungalow would be very special…don’t you??

We really have no idea where we would want to get married we can’t really even narrow it down to a country to get married in, so we have a long ways to go before ever getting this figured out. I have to say I do feel a bit like a loser because (thanks to facebook) I have seen a plethora of friends get engaged and married in the time I have been engaged. They get engaged and a few weeks later they have the dress picked, location booked, engagement portraits done and on and on. I am just not that girl. That sounds like way to much fucking work and where do they ever find the time???

So I will share as I go back and forth about running away to get married and having an actual wedding AND reception or just doing nothing for the next few years because I am paralyzed by all the fucking options.

The most recent place we looked at was the Salish Lodge in Fall City, WA. It is actually one of the very first places I saw online that I loved. We ended up in WA for a friend’s wedding (that happened to fall on my birthday) and so my loving fiance booked us a night at the Salish Lodge (I’ve been dying to stay there) the day after the wedding we were attending at Suncadia. I’ll do a post later about our actual trip.

Basically the venue is gorgeous, the lodge sits at the top of Snoqualmie Falls and is breathtaking in the moody way only the Pacific Northwest can be. They have great rooms, with Jacuzzi tubs and REAL fireplaces! Like wood logs and newspaper and long matches. Not the flip a switch fake gas fireplaces. Mike arranged for me to get 2 spa treatments and we had dinner in a private room in the restaurant over looking the waterfall. It was perfect.

I was in love with the place, except for one thing, right now there is construction going on. The top of the waterfall has a ton of construction equipment as they are building a power station or something. Then the bottom of the falls are closed until 2013 I think for construction. So IF we get married before 2013 it is out. The town of Snoqualmie (or Fall City, no clue) and North Bend are about as cute as they get, so if you have a chance to go – do it!!

all photos from the Salish Lodge website

Here is the spa (their photos I didn’t take my camera with me obviously)

it’s not very big, but it is really nice!

More wedding pics at Salish Lodge from


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