Black Crow Studios has an Etsy shop!

etsy, Work Fun

As of 2 hours ago I started an etsy shop for Black Crow Studios. I actually did one before but only had 2 things listed and let them expire without even noticing. This time it is a little more personal. I have decided to sell off the textile designs from my portfolio. They have been sitting here zipped up and never really touched in years. Every time I look through them I think I want to frame them all and hang them in my house, but I have enough art going on and an attic already full of framed pieces that have nowhere to go. As much as it pains me to sell them, I put literal blood, sweat, and many tears into these collections over the years, I should let them go.

I scanned all the art so I will still have the files if needed, but the actual fabric swatches will be sold off one by one to new loving homes. It is kind of tedious to list all the items, so I am doing them by collections.

The first collection was inspired by Art Nouveau. My take on it, which is not terribly literal.

Funny thing about this collection is it was a project sent in to the Gap to get an internship at their offices in New York or San Francisco (you got to pick which city, I would have picked NY for sure). I sent it in and heard nothing back about it and went on with my life. A guy I knew did the project too and got a call back for an interview a couple weeks later. I was a little surprised – him, really?? Whatever, on to the next thing. About 6 weeks after sending in the project I remember it vividly, I was walking up a hill next to a neighborhood park in Pacific Heights and was listening to my voicemail. All of a sudden I got like 8 messages that were “scheduled to be deleted”. I had never heard these messages and what do you know, a call from the Gap at the New York offices asking to arrange an interview for the internship (along with some other bs messages that I really didn’t need). My heart stopped and I played it again, they had called a month earlier and I was just getting the message.

I panicked and didn’t know what to do I called and emailed the woman and tried to explain the situation, but fittingly I never heard from them again. The guy I knew got the internship, but I knew in my gut that if I had returned that call I would have gotten it.

A chance to get a paid internship right out of college in NYC and I missed it. It was a bummer to say the least. I did end up getting a job in LA and moved down here not long after all of that happened. It is funny to look at that moment and think how different things could have gone. Where would I be at this moment had I taken a different path?

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter, I am in LA and I love living here, I met the man I am going to marry and have my own company so no matter how upset I was at that moment, I now know there was a reason to miss that call.







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