Starting off July with a To-Do list {UPDATED}

Personal stuff, Work Fun

I thought I would start blogging at the beginning of each month with the major things I want to accomplish that month and see if it putting it out there will help me actually DO IT! Now at the end of each month I want to look back and see what all I got accomplished (if anything) and then do it again for the next month. {Ok, so it is over half way through the month let’s see what has been accomplished}


  • Get a mini shopping site set up to sell standard wallpaper (not custom) because my current site the shopping section doesn’t work all that well for me so I turned it off.
  • develop around 20 designs for said shopping site
  • post more regularly on the blog (well this is a good start, no?) {ok, this hasn’t been done, but this week I have a few posts planned}
  • plan posts for blog ahead of time – might help with posting more regularly on the blog {I actually have 3 post planned for this week}
  • pull out all my magazine tears and work on my inspiration sketchbook (fun!) {I have done this-planning to do more!}
  • start my sketchbook for the sketchbook project 2012 (you can join me and do a sketchbook too!) {nope not yet}
  • find my ipod….I know it is around here somewhere….. {YES! It has been found, just not charged…maybe next month}
  • read at LEAST one (1) business book – I already have a gazillion downloaded on my kindle….now to pick one to read
  • add photo albums to my new phone
  • work on more stuff for Grand Image and actually send it to them {I bought some supplies needed to do the work…that counts right?}
  • back up my laptop and have faulty hard drive replaced before the warranty runs out (I keep putting it off and have been lucky so far)
  • print all my bank statements for this quarter and make sure my books are reconciled and up to date. so boring. {I printed them}

I think that is enough to do for this month on top of all my other work, now let’s see if I can actually get it ALL crossed off my epic to-do list.


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