Filmore Clark!!!

Big F*ing News, Work Fun

A few weeks ago the wonderful Lee Nicholson, owner of Filmore Clark whom I met via twitter, told me she was having a little summer party and wanted to know if I wanted to put a wallpaper design up in her showroom. I was totally excited!! I went over there and we decided on doing something for a window that looks out onto a construction site and a wall that she can’t hang any tile on.

I went back to my studio, came up with a bunch of ideas and she made a decision. I was actually surprised that she picked these two because I presented quite a few safer options, but these really made a statement and had a slight street/graffiti vibe to them! I printed them on our self adhesive/removable/reusable wall covering so I could install it myself (the installers always make it look so easy to do). I had never installed this to a window before, but it was no problem and since it is slightly transparent you could see it from the outside at night when the lights in the showroom were on.

The wall we were installing on was a bit trickier than I thought. It is curved and it was f*cking hard to install on. That is why I always tell people to just hire a professional, it is faster and it is so worth it. They can do it in no time and they make it look super easy. I wrestled that wallpaper into submission (sort of). We got it up and it looked great (but don’t look too closely). Lesson learned (once again) always hire a professional. The party was a great success and I am glad I was able to be a part of it!

So if you want to see what the hell I do in person – head over to the Filmore Clark showroom in West Hollywood and have a look and then give me a call when you are ready to do your own.

Filmore Clark

607 N. West Knoll Drive

West Hollywood, CA 90069


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