Lots going on in the Hood

Big F*ing News, Press

I cannot believe it is May, and we are flying through this month. I have so many projects going on I cannot keep up. I am the bottleneck in my company running smoothly. I should seriously get written up or something, but there is no time for such things 🙂

Right now I am juggling 17 design projects. That does not even count 2 BIG exciting projects, that are still being planned out or all the proposals I am working on or recently sent. Plus the website re-design and me trying to find time to create my own art just for me to push myself, which seems to never happen. Where oh where does the time go?

I could work all day everyday and never catch up. I usually have to leave it up to the universe to decide when I am not going to work and usually it does when I least expect it. Like when I was out of town, I took my laptop and my top 3 critical design projects that HAD to get finished while I was away. Photoshop on said laptop would not work, no matter what, so instead I laid by the pool for 4 days and enjoyed it. Then had to stay up all night when I got back to do my 3 critical projects, but oh well.

Now I am back to running 1000mph.

So, while I have been lost in my work and not paying attention to…anything else…a bunch of press has been piling up.

I already had a bit which you can see here, here, and older stuff here.

First up:

Mountain Living. May/June 2012. I am honored to be in a magazine that features that cute of a dog on its cover.

Next up: Luxe. One of our wallpapers was picked for the Materials section in the wallpaper issue. We also had 5 designs being considered for one of the regional covers, but unfortunately they didn’t use any of them. I know it was probably because they were SO AMAZING, your brain would explode when you saw the cover and then you wouldn’t be able to buy the magazine. The people running Luxe are pretty damn smart.

I will say that I know that they mocked them all up, I would kill to have those mock up images just to see how it looked 🙂

Here are the non Black Crow Studios covers of Luxe for the Los Angeles area and the National cover.


You can see a 2″ section of a 15 foot wallpaper design. It is the far left on the first page and the top left on the 2nd one.


It is not a big picture, but I will most definitely take it and am honored to be included amongst the 16 or so designs picked. Here are a couple images of the actual design so you can see a little bit more than the magazine shows. It is one of my personal favorite wallpaper designs we have.

I did a little interview and photo shoot for Angeleno Interiors.

It came out and then I found out it was also in Riviera Interiors. That would be the Orange County version of the mag. So that was kind of cool. A nice little write up and the wallpaper looks pretty sick in the photo. I think it turned out really well and so if you can get your hands on a copy you should!


Lastly, BCS was featured in D Home magazine. It is a Dallas based magazine and they were interested in putting our stuff in the mag and then saw that I grew up in Dallas, so it was meant to be.

I told you it had been piling up! I have to get all of this added to my new website and on Facebook now, but at least you all know it is out there.

It has been crazy to get all this magazine attention, especially since I don’t work with a PR person and I didn’t initiate contact with any of the magazines. They were contacting me. Thank goodness because I have been way too busy to even think about getting press, let alone making it happen.

Cheers to all the magazines! I am truly honored to grace your pages. xoxo



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