Introducing Gray Malin xo Black Crow Studios!


So last Fall I met an incredible photographer, Gray Malin, who does the most stunning beach photography. When he decided to start branching out and developing new product categories for his brand, it seemed natural to join forces to develop a wallpaper collection. The fact that we both grew up in the Dallas area is just another reason why this was meant to be.

Not only does his photography lend itself to a wallpaper application, he also had a very strong idea for creating more graphic designs inspired by the beachgoers and their umbrellas.

Gray has shot beaches on six continents and found “umbrellas to be universal and a staple of any beach scene. Their array of organic patterns, lines, shapes and colors influenced the creation of the collection.”

The debut collection is available now at and will be  on One Kings Lane for a few more days!

Please go check out Gray’s website to see his stunning photography and his blog to see all the great travel adventures that bring his photography to life! You won’t be disappointed!

Without further ado, the incredible new wallpaper collection by Gray Malin.

GM-001 Lisbon Umbrellas Install

GM-001 Lisbon Umbrellas

GM-003 Dubai Beach Install

GM-002 Waves of Cape Town Install

GMP-001-01 Amalfi Coast Small Install

GMP-001-01 Amalfi Coast Small detail

GMP-001-02 Amalfi Coast Large Pattern

GMP-001-02 Amalfi Coast Large Install

GMP-004-01 St. Tropez Wallpaper Detail

GMP-004-01 St Tropez Install

GMP-005-01 Dubai Umbrellas Detail

GMP-005-01 Dubai Umbrellas Install

GMP-002-02 Lisbon Diagonal color 2 Install

GMP-002-02 Lisbon Diagonal Colorway 2 detail

GMP-002-01 Lisbon Diagonal Install

GMP-002-01 Lisbon Diagonal blue detail

GMP-003-02 Lisbon Patterned Large

GMP-003-02 Lisbon Patterned Detail

GMS-002-01 Hamptons Stripe Install

GMS-001-01 Malibu Stripe Wallpaper install

GMS-003-01 South Beach Stripe Install

GMS-004-01 Sydney Square Stripe Install


Gray xo logo 4 update 1


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