Sweet Colorful Dreams – Instanbul Hotel

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One of our favorites things about design, if you haven’t already noticed, is color. The Turkish Barbera Hotel, family run in the heart of historical old town Istanbul, came to us looking for a splash of color for their luxury hotel rooms. We love the way these framed watercolors liven up each room in a simple but bold way.

hotel blog

Thanks again to Barbera Hotel for including us in your hotel vision. Next time we find ourselves in Turkey, we may just have to book a night or four.

All these Fine Art prints and more are sold on Etsy and our Online Shop, ready to brighten up your room with, you guessed it, color.


Painted Palette Magazine Feature + New Design!

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California Home + Design just featured “Navy Brushstrokes”, the newest Black Crow Studios design in collaboration with Cuffhome. The wallcovering joined a variety of bold and painterly home decor on the pages of the summer issue.

CA Home and Design 15 Blog

To see more of the Navy Brushstrokes design head over to the store!

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.14.55 AM

Thanks to CA H+D for putting Black Crow on the newsstands again!

Dreamy Home Office Showroom

Past Projects

Once again, this year we were thrilled to partner up with New York’s J+G Design for the annual charitable Design on A Dime event. To help create a dream worthy home office, our Cuffhome Brushstrokes in Blue wallcovering adorned the showroom walls. We loved how the project all came together in true chic feminine sophistication perfection!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.31.13 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.31.21 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.31.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.31.44 PM

*All photos courtesy Patrick Cline

Big thanks to J+G for having us be a part of their vision!

xo Black Crow Studios

Pop Art- Design on a Dime 2015

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Have you ever felt like walking straight into a Lichtenstein illustration?

Designer Robert Passal definitely has and called on us to help make his pop art vision come to life. Created for Design on a Dime 2015, we custom designed the wallcovering for a dizzying mind-altering effect with the help of the mirrored flooring.

All proceeds from Design on a Dime are donated to the building of the Hull Street Residence, a housing development project that aims to build a safe home for 26 single, formerly homeless adults living with HIV/AIDS. It is our honor to annually be included in this event to support such a great cause.




Many thanks to Robert Passal Interior & Architectural Design for including us in this unique project!

To read more on the project check out this Q&A with Passal here.

xo Black Crow Studios

Rug Auction for A Cause

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Recently, Black Crow Studios was included among the likes of Shepard Fairey, Retna, and Kenny Scharf. As part of a donation by Marc Phillips Decorative Rugs for the charity P.S. Arts. Our one-of-a-kind rug, hand woven in Nepal from wool and silk, “Eruption” was auctioned off to aid improve the lives of children through arts education.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.01.51 PM

Congratulations to the lucky winner and many thanks for joining us in supporting the incredible work of P.S. Arts!


LA Daily News Wallpaper Feature

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The Los Angeles Daily News recently took notice of Black Crow Studios along with our good friend and collaborator Christian May of Maison21 Interior Design in a Sunday full page feature. We are thrilled to be a part of a story about the real impact modern day wallpaper is making in the world of design. Many thanks to the LA Daily News and Suzanne Sproul for the newsstand shout-out!

Check out the online version here.

“Her works transform a space into an artistic vision from floor to ceiling. By using a large-format printing process, Hiner can create prints for any aesthetic while navigating any architectural feature a room may have.”


Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.05.40 PM

M21, BCS, and OKL

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We were fortunate enough to work with the SUPER talented and charming Christian May over at Maison 21 for a showhouse he was doing with California Home + Design magazine. He came up with the design idea and we made the wallpaper to fit the room as a custom piece.


Well, it turns out the tiny little bathroom and that BOLD wallpaper were quite a hit. California H+D teamed up with the infamous One Kings Lane to do a sale and we decided to rework the design just a bit and make it into a design that can be sold by the roll. It worked out great and so why stop there?? Now it is available in 5 colorways!!

The sale goes LIVE TONIGHT at 6pm PST /9pm EST and you can get the wallpaper at a discount!! There is a limited quantity of each colorway available so if you want it, snatch it up fast and let’s make this a successful sale for M21, BCS, and OKL!

M21 blue on blue 3 install view M21 Ecru and Cream install view M21 light Gray on Gray install view M21 orange on orange install view

Projects from the Past

Past Projects

This project was a very very difficult one. It was from my college years. I had won a scholarship to study in Paris for a year at the best fashion school in the country (so they say).  It was a school specializing in Couture techniques so you could work at one of the REAL Couture houses. Don’t even get me started on companies that call themselves Couture that are not. So I had all kinds of classes to attend held entirely in French and I was confused A LOT. My french was pretty good in the most basic of conversations, but I could not keep up with what was said in class. We had a textile class to go to. I was in the “senior” year of the school and none of the other students had ever had a textile design class before. FINALLY I was going to know how to do things they didn’t!! I had 3 YEARS of textile design experience at that point!!

So we go to class (I missed the first one because they switched my schedule during that week) and I am prepared to kick the ass of everyone in that class with my mad skills. I brought a book I found that had lots of photos I think it was about Thailand and I was about to develop and amazing collection of prints! I was so excited about this class. I think we only had it 6 times total and then it was back to knitting a sweater by hand with no pattern – yeah I didn’t do that one.  I show up and meet with the teacher, show him my ideas and he likes them (I think) but that is not how they do it. Nope, they have you take a picture from your inspiration book and make the picture out of fabric and whatnot. ooooookay. sure why not.

I didn’t really understand fully until I looked around and the girl across from me (Anne Claire I believe) was sewing little stuffed people she made out of felt onto a background piece. Yes, there were 2 people walking in her inspiration picture and so she made the people walking. It was God awful. I was, once again, completely confused. Why the hell would we ever want to make textile designs that look this shitty?? I mean after looking at what everyone was doing, I can tell you they were all awful. Awful does not even do those disasters justice. We only did one “design” and that was it for the year. You were supposed to be completely literal with the image and trying to be creative or abstract at all was not acceptable. Trust me, that is how it was at that school. You were taught this is how you do it, this is the correct way, do it this way always or you fail. I failed a lot.

The exercise was interesting, but the lack of creative freedom made it doomed to fail. I think what upset me the most is that this is all they were taught as textile design. This was not an exercise to open you up to new ideas before developing a collection of designs, it was one literal piece that had to look like the photo and that is it. So unfulfilling.

So this was my attempt at that project, I couldn’t do the completely literal part, I just couldn’t, but I tried my best. I did a collection of designs and tried to pick the best one, I chose the last one to turn in, the picture is missing on it. It didn’t matter it was too “abstract”.

I failed.

They sucked anyway, but I saw a lot worse in that room. When I cleaned out my closet and found these I died. They are hysterically bad, I only wish I had photos of the ones other people made. There was not one that was close to “good”. God bless that school and their antiquated ways.