Rug Auction for A Cause

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Recently, Black Crow Studios was included among the likes of Shepard Fairey, Retna, and Kenny Scharf. As part of a donation by Marc Phillips Decorative Rugs for the charity P.S. Arts. Our one-of-a-kind rug, hand woven in Nepal from wool and silk, “Eruption” was auctioned off to aid improve the lives of children through arts education.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.01.51 PM

Congratulations to the lucky winner and many thanks for joining us in supporting the incredible work of P.S. Arts!



M21, BCS, and OKL

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We were fortunate enough to work with the SUPER talented and charming Christian May over at Maison 21 for a showhouse he was doing with California Home + Design magazine. He came up with the design idea and we made the wallpaper to fit the room as a custom piece.


Well, it turns out the tiny little bathroom and that BOLD wallpaper were quite a hit. California H+D teamed up with the infamous One Kings Lane to do a sale and we decided to rework the design just a bit and make it into a design that can be sold by the roll. It worked out great and so why stop there?? Now it is available in 5 colorways!!

The sale goes LIVE TONIGHT at 6pm PST /9pm EST and you can get the wallpaper at a discount!! There is a limited quantity of each colorway available so if you want it, snatch it up fast and let’s make this a successful sale for M21, BCS, and OKL!

M21 blue on blue 3 install view M21 Ecru and Cream install view M21 light Gray on Gray install view M21 orange on orange install view

Filmore Clark!!!

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A few weeks ago the wonderful Lee Nicholson, owner of Filmore Clark whom I met via twitter, told me she was having a little summer party and wanted to know if I wanted to put a wallpaper design up in her showroom. I was totally excited!! I went over there and we decided on doing something for a window that looks out onto a construction site and a wall that she can’t hang any tile on.

I went back to my studio, came up with a bunch of ideas and she made a decision. I was actually surprised that she picked these two because I presented quite a few safer options, but these really made a statement and had a slight street/graffiti vibe to them! I printed them on our self adhesive/removable/reusable wall covering so I could install it myself (the installers always make it look so easy to do). I had never installed this to a window before, but it was no problem and since it is slightly transparent you could see it from the outside at night when the lights in the showroom were on.

The wall we were installing on was a bit trickier than I thought. It is curved and it was f*cking hard to install on. That is why I always tell people to just hire a professional, it is faster and it is so worth it. They can do it in no time and they make it look super easy. I wrestled that wallpaper into submission (sort of). We got it up and it looked great (but don’t look too closely). Lesson learned (once again) always hire a professional. The party was a great success and I am glad I was able to be a part of it!

So if you want to see what the hell I do in person – head over to the Filmore Clark showroom in West Hollywood and have a look and then give me a call when you are ready to do your own.

Filmore Clark

607 N. West Knoll Drive

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Starting off July with a To-Do list {UPDATED}

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I thought I would start blogging at the beginning of each month with the major things I want to accomplish that month and see if it putting it out there will help me actually DO IT! Now at the end of each month I want to look back and see what all I got accomplished (if anything) and then do it again for the next month. {Ok, so it is over half way through the month let’s see what has been accomplished}


  • Get a mini shopping site set up to sell standard wallpaper (not custom) because my current site the shopping section doesn’t work all that well for me so I turned it off.
  • develop around 20 designs for said shopping site
  • post more regularly on the blog (well this is a good start, no?) {ok, this hasn’t been done, but this week I have a few posts planned}
  • plan posts for blog ahead of time – might help with posting more regularly on the blog {I actually have 3 post planned for this week}
  • pull out all my magazine tears and work on my inspiration sketchbook (fun!) {I have done this-planning to do more!}
  • start my sketchbook for the sketchbook project 2012 (you can join me and do a sketchbook too!) {nope not yet}
  • find my ipod….I know it is around here somewhere….. {YES! It has been found, just not charged…maybe next month}
  • read at LEAST one (1) business book – I already have a gazillion downloaded on my kindle….now to pick one to read
  • add photo albums to my new phone
  • work on more stuff for Grand Image and actually send it to them {I bought some supplies needed to do the work…that counts right?}
  • back up my laptop and have faulty hard drive replaced before the warranty runs out (I keep putting it off and have been lucky so far)
  • print all my bank statements for this quarter and make sure my books are reconciled and up to date. so boring. {I printed them}

I think that is enough to do for this month on top of all my other work, now let’s see if I can actually get it ALL crossed off my epic to-do list.

Black Crow Studios has an Etsy shop!

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As of 2 hours ago I started an etsy shop for Black Crow Studios. I actually did one before but only had 2 things listed and let them expire without even noticing. This time it is a little more personal. I have decided to sell off the textile designs from my portfolio. They have been sitting here zipped up and never really touched in years. Every time I look through them I think I want to frame them all and hang them in my house, but I have enough art going on and an attic already full of framed pieces that have nowhere to go. As much as it pains me to sell them, I put literal blood, sweat, and many tears into these collections over the years, I should let them go.

I scanned all the art so I will still have the files if needed, but the actual fabric swatches will be sold off one by one to new loving homes. It is kind of tedious to list all the items, so I am doing them by collections.

The first collection was inspired by Art Nouveau. My take on it, which is not terribly literal.

Funny thing about this collection is it was a project sent in to the Gap to get an internship at their offices in New York or San Francisco (you got to pick which city, I would have picked NY for sure). I sent it in and heard nothing back about it and went on with my life. A guy I knew did the project too and got a call back for an interview a couple weeks later. I was a little surprised – him, really?? Whatever, on to the next thing. About 6 weeks after sending in the project I remember it vividly, I was walking up a hill next to a neighborhood park in Pacific Heights and was listening to my voicemail. All of a sudden I got like 8 messages that were “scheduled to be deleted”. I had never heard these messages and what do you know, a call from the Gap at the New York offices asking to arrange an interview for the internship (along with some other bs messages that I really didn’t need). My heart stopped and I played it again, they had called a month earlier and I was just getting the message.

I panicked and didn’t know what to do I called and emailed the woman and tried to explain the situation, but fittingly I never heard from them again. The guy I knew got the internship, but I knew in my gut that if I had returned that call I would have gotten it.

A chance to get a paid internship right out of college in NYC and I missed it. It was a bummer to say the least. I did end up getting a job in LA and moved down here not long after all of that happened. It is funny to look at that moment and think how different things could have gone. Where would I be at this moment had I taken a different path?

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter, I am in LA and I love living here, I met the man I am going to marry and have my own company so no matter how upset I was at that moment, I now know there was a reason to miss that call.







Work Fun

The first day of the #ADShow2011 was today. It was a great day, people were flipping out over the wallpaper, so that is always a nice boost to the ego. These shows are always so interesting to see get put together.

24 hours before the doors opened to the Trade this is what it looked like

after getting the hell out of there (we were set up pretty quickly) I went over to Central Park and watched kids ice skating for awhile and enjoyed the beautiful day.

It was nice and relaxing before the craziness of the show and being on your feet most of the day.

Here are some pics of the wallpaper at the SNUG Furniture booth just as the show began. Unfortunately a few of their pieces didn’t arrive, but what they do have is amazing and sooooooo beautiful in person.

Happy New Year!!

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Ok, so I am just starting the New Year now. The officially recognized beginning of the year started off really rocky for me personally and I was like Great. 2011 is going to suck hardcore. That was not the way I wanted to start the year so I decided not to start it. Things have turned around and are on a positive trajectory right now, so it seems like a great time to start the new year and take advantage of all the things that are starting to happen. Here’s to 2011!!



So these last couple of weeks have been mad crazy. Last week was the Design Bloggers Conference which I did not attend – it was kinda pricey, but I heard it was good and a MUST DO next year. Even though I didn’t go, I did hit up a bunch of little parties that were going on. The best one was the tweet up hosted by the amazing @ BluePRintBrands I got to meet so many people that I know on twitter finally in real life. Then there was the Trad Home party, the Veranda party and the Secrets of a Stylist launch party which had me go over to Hollywood for the first time in F…O…R…E…V…E…R.

This week has been the longest week ever, trying to get designs done for the amazing Snug Furniture booth at the Architectural Digest Show in NY next week! We collaborated for the ICFF show last year you can check my post about it here.

Well not to toot my own horn, but this one is going to kick that designs ass – like a total beat down. I am so excited to see it installed in the booth, I will be sure to post pictures once we get it all set up. Plus I saw some of the pieces they are showing and they are sick! I think they are some of the coolest pieces and I can’t wait for people to see it. I wish I was a rich girl because I would buy up a ton of their tables. I have no idea where I would fit them in my house, but who cares I would have them none the less!!

UPDATE: My computer lost the internet connection last night while I was doing this post and we installed the wallpaper today so here is a pic of me unrolling the wallpaper (will post an install pic once the space is set up)

So now that the year has finally begun and is off to a great start I believe that Greatness is what we on the brink of (ok, and I will admit that nicki minaj is a total guilty pleasure for me right now)

GREATNESS is what we are ALL on the brink of so let’s make it happen!