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It is officially the end of summer and to get everyone in the mood for the new school year and fast approaching fall, we are offering 20% off all of our watercolor prints in our Etsy shop and our Canvas prints available here! Enter LABORDAY during check out.

***This offer does not apply to any custom items or wallpaper projects***

The sale starts today and goes through the 4th of September!

Labor Day blog












We have had a great year this year with a lot of fun projects and collaborations!

So to share the love, we are having our first ever sale!! From now until Friday 12/13 at 11:59pm we are offering 50% off every single item in our online store! So, if you have been eyeing one of our canvas prints or one of our wallpapers by the roll, including Maison 21, Cuffhome, and Gray Malin – now is the time to buy!!

Unfortunately this does not apply to any of our custom work – only what is in the online store.

Holiday Sale Banner

On top of that – we have just finalized some new Gray Malin designs based on his A la Montagne series of work, just in time for winter. There are also great new color ways of the Gray Malin graphic patterns and stripes. You can see the full collection on sale here.

Skiers shopify

Winter Trees Install

Amalfi Coast Med Jadeite and Gray

Amalfi Coast Small amethyst web

Dubai Umbrellas Jadeite web

St. Tropez Wallpaper amethyst web

Lisbon Diagonal Install Jade

South Beach Stripe Jade install

Happy Holidays!!


Recent Rejects

Recent Rejects, Work Fun

I am compiling all the designs that have been created for clients that have been delegated to the reject pile.  A little peak at the things that might never see the light of day….until now. Now don’t laugh some are just works in progress and when they weren’t progressing very well they got hidden away to never be seen again.

sample prints that were delivered to a client this evening – one was the big winner of these 3.

Same client differnt area one of the 5 printed was selected for another little area in her home.



sample printing

rejected, but still beautiful

rejected maybe because it looks like something Dexter would be investigating.

another one bites the dust, but I think it might find a special place in my home 🙂

REJECTED!!!! But similar one used on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

rough draft of similar idea….REJECTED!

ok, so the extreme makeover stuff is very “young teen” but at least you get to be really creative and over the top it’s kind of anything goes such as these pink ice cream cones. I think they might be frightening at 10ft. tall, or else they would totally kick ass, but we will never know for sure.

these are kind of hard to see – maybe that is a good thing?

moody – a bit tooo moody. I was feeling very emo that day.

another one for Extreme Makeover

Downtown Women’s Center reject!


Welp there you go! I have more hidden away that REALLY should never be out for public viewing and hopefully were lost when my hard drive crashed and burned last week, but I am sure I will stumble across them one day and be horrified by the crap I find. such is life.

Black Crow Studios on the TODAY SHOW!!!!

Big F*ing News

ok, this is very exciting news and I have almost no information, BUT Black Crow Studios has a wallpaper being featured on The Today Show tomorrow morning – that is Wednesday 8/11/2010. I know the Today Show goes on for 4 hours and I am not sure what time it will be on, so I will be sitting on my couch watching the entire thing looking for our stuff. It is actually an in studio segment recapping the recent makeover for a teen room featured on Open House NY. Here is the link to the clip from Open House.

If you have stumbled upon our blog after seeing the segment you can go to the website and see more of our work here!!


Here is the link to the Today Show segment!! It looked great, I’m so happy! Watch it here!

Can Social Media help raise $$ for a project for LA Downtown Women’s Center??

BCS gives Back, Big F*ing News

I was recently approached about working with the Downtown Women’s Center here in Los Angeles (servicing homeless women in the skid row area) on their big renovation Project Home. I’ll go into all the details in a minute, but the short version is DWC is well underway into a huge expansion project and I offered to donate a wallpaper to the reception area of the building.  As I met with the architect, the designer I am working with, and the director of DWC I learned that they had originally planned to have a large scale wallpaper on each of the residential floors just as you step out of the elevator. It was something they wanted to add to welcome home the residents.

Well, the budget for that has been reallocated to other areas of the building. When I heard that, I offered that if we can find a way to raise money to cover the material and printing costs I would design and take care of doing wallpaper for each floor. So, it is on me to raise the money and I thought at the same time this would be a great experiment on social media. Can we raise enough money for the project by just word of mouth(or tweet)?

We need to raise $2500 but I would love to raise $5000 and also do something special for the common living areas on each floor, but that is just a crazy dream at the moment. Anything that is raised above what we actually end up spending on the production of the wallpaper will be donated to DWC.

So, all I am asking from everyone out there reading this is to spread the word and make a small donation if you can. We are hoping that a lot of people will make small donations and spread the word until we meet our goal. How amazing would it be to see people from all over the world donating to help??

So there are a couple of ways to donate. You can click on the donate button below and make a donation of $5/$10/$20 or whatever you feel you can afford. This will come directly to our paypal account and will be flagged for this project. Unfortunately these will not be tax deductible donations. That has to be done through DWC. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation or just feel uncomfortable sending a donation directly to Black Crow Studios then please contact Brooke Lykins, the Capital Campaign Manager, or 213.680.0600 ext. 203 and let her know it is for the wallpaper by Black Crow Studios and she will make sure the money gets flagged for our project.

I am really looking forward to seeing how this works out and I am excited to see if we can meet our goal using social media! So please pass this around to anybody and everybody you can and urge them to make a small donation. Thank you in advance!!

So now you know what I am specifically raising money for, I am going to share with you the history of the shelter and the services they offer and I am sure it will touch you as much as it has touched me.

The mission of Downtown Women’s Center is to provide permanent supportive housing and a  safe and healthy community fostering dignity, respect, and personal stability and to advocate ending homelessness for women.

The following is copied from the DWC website:

Creating Safe Space for Women

Before DWC opened our doors in 1978, homeless women in the heart of Los Angeles had no place to turn for shelter and support.  Skid Row and its surrounding  streets were in every respect a man’s world — its shelters, pantries and social services accessible only to men.

DWC began as the result of one woman’s deep concern for the well-being of mentally ill women who found themselves destitute and on the streets of Los Angeles following the closure of psychiatric hospitals in the early 1970’s.

The Day Center

The majority of the women who drop in to the DWC Day Center live on the streets, in encampments, or in night-to-night shelters.  The Day Center provides a respite from the rigors of street life in a nurturing and safe community environment.  On average, 140 women a day drop in to the Day Center where three meals — breakfast, lunch and a hearty afternoon snack — are served seven days a week.  Women come to use clean, private bathrooms and showers.  They rest in day beds, use laundry facilities, make phone calls, secure a mailing address, or get a fresh change of clothes. Most participants of our Day Center endure the extreme stress and difficulty of life on the streets. Mental illness, substance abuse, physical disability, and victimization are their most prevalent and persistent issues.  Their individual stories, however, vary widely.  Some are second-generation homeless, having never experienced the stability of a home life.  Some gravitated to the Skid Row community after aging out of the foster care system, escaping violence, or as a consequence of drug addictions developed in their youth.  In contrast to our Residents, many Day Center participants are young – below the age of 30.

The Residence

DWC’s  Residence provides service-enriched, permanent housing for women who once lived on the streets.  Each Resident has her own private apartment with a refrigerator, desk, full-size bed, and closet.  Each floor of the Residence features a cozy community room with comfortable seating, a library, and TV, a common bath area, and a kitchen where residents can share in meal preparation and clean-up. On-site Residence Managers – available 24 hours a day – work with residents on an individual basis to assist in meeting each woman’s needs and goals, providing community building and other support services.  In addition, for many of our Residents, paying the nominal monthly rent is an important step toward self-sufficiency and regaining and reclaiming life beyond the streets. For formerly homeless women, the DWC Residence is home.  They are safe to create a community of friends and be part of a family that accepts and cherishes them.  Our goal is to help the women to break isolation by providing ample opportunities for residents to cultivate a sense of belonging – outings, celebrations and other activities encourage connection with other women.  At DWC, women gain a sense of safety and stability which encourages reconnection with a world that was once lost to them.

The DWC Residence contains 47 apartments, offering permanent supportive housing and a community environment.  Residents typically share certain characteristics – a mental illness, physical or emotional disability, and circumstances of aging and misfortune that have led to homelessness.  Even so, in important ways, they are a richly diverse population.  Differing socio-economic backgrounds account for a wide range of educational levels and life experience.  Some of the women have never held a job, as a result of mental and/or physical illness or having relied on husbands or other family members  for support.  Others have advanced degrees and progressed in professional careers before the misfortunes such as mental illness or domestic violence which led to their homelessness intervened.

DWC’s services include meals, personalized case management, a weekly on-site medical clinic, health workshops and screenings, computer literacy classes, government benefits advocacy, support groups, and job counseling.  Self-expression classes, art workshops, creative writing workshops, and poetry groups help women communicate feelings that are often difficult to express.  We celebrate every holiday and each woman’s birthday, and conduct outings to cultural venues. These regular social and cultural activities are designed to create a community for the women and our team of over 700 active volunteers.

Project Home is DWC’s dramatic expansion to:
– increase Day Center services by 75%
– increase housing by 158%
– open downtown’s first medical and mental health clinic for uninsured women
– launch an innovative social enterprise
—all in a LEED-Certified green rennovated historical building!

Then after all of that, they are going to renovate their current building and that is more housing for more women!

What do you Crave LA?

Big F*ing News, Work Fun

I had a GREAT week last week!!!!! I have so many great things I want to tell you all about, I won’t go into a lot of details on some of them because there will be blog posts for each coming up. Plus if I say it all *out loud* on the blogosphere I run a high risk of jinxing all of it and that would just be tragic.

First big news is a phone call from a designer on a tv show doing a makeover of a room and she wants to feature one of my wallpapers!!! Woo Hoo!! the coolest thing is it would be on NATIONAL TV and she also happens to write for a big time blog and wants to do a post on the makeover and then later a 2nd post just about my company!! Double score! I don’t want to say any more because this project is a super tight turn around and I’m not 100% positive we will get it to happen this time. I am hoping so, if she is as on top of her shit as she seems we will knock it out of the park. So I am just going to leave it at that and hopefully have an update for your guys in a couple of weeks that all went well and look for our television debut! hehe.

That was Tuesday morning then I turned around and that night I had the Launch Party for the amazing Crave Los Angeles book that my little company was picked to be featured in. It  is such a cool concept, it features 125 women business owners and has a profile of their company. It was exciting to finally see this book come to fruition and it was amazing to see the women who were also in the book, as I am huge fans of some of the companies featured. It was also fulfilling to see my brand new little company sitting there amongst all the other very well established and kick ass companies that I look up to. The party was a blast and was completely PACKED! I ran into many friends and made some new ones too! So it all went better than expected, oh and I gorged myself on mini red velvet cupcakes…so delicious.

The great thing is I have copies of the book for sale if anyone wants one for $25 including shipping. More importantly I am sending them to all of my family!! 2 exciting things happened when I got home and was flipping through reading about all the cool businesses, (1) there was a furniture store called Weego Home (I love the store) and they had one of the pieces I made at Soicher Marin hanging above a bed in the store photo! (2) Melissa Joan Hart ummmmm….hello….Clarissa Explains it All for all you 80’s kids was featured in the book too, I guess she has a kid’s candy and yogurt shop out in the valley.

(terrible photos from my phone, I know.)

The last few things of my action packed week are only going to get a brief and very vague mention because they are still a ways from being official. I will do blog posts for each if they come through so you have all the details!!

1. got an email from a HUGE hotel chain that saw my stuff and took my info at ICFF!! I almost fainted when I opened the email saying they were interested and wanted to get more info….holy crapola…keep your fingers crossed it goes further than that!

2. went and toured a women’s center that is being opened in downtown LA and I am donating a wallpaper for the reception area, possibly doing a lot more through out the building, looking for sponsors or donations to offset costs to do a wallpaper for each floor. Lots more info coming about this one!

3. Have the owner of a very cool company flying out to meet me and we are going to hash out the details for a very exciting collaboration. I am so excited about it and I think it could be very good for my company…or disastrous…but fuck it, I’m going for it!

I know, I know, STFU, enough about me. I am just so excited that I started this little idea of a company 6 months ago and only really started pushing it about 3 months ago. To have all of this coming about is just bananas and I am very excited to see how it all plays out! You all will be the first to know what happens!

Snug Furniture and Black Crow Studios team up for Awesomeness

Work Fun

So about a year ago I met Maybelline Te on twitter and we became quick twitter buddies even though we have never met in person. She has always been very supportive of Black Crow Studios and she even  used one of our wall paper designs in her look book for the Decorating Diva, which was very exciting! I (along with many others) have been watching a waiting to see her new contemporary furniture line debut – SNUG Furniture. The day is nearing and the big debut will be at ICFF in NYC in just  a couple of weeks. So I reached out to her to see if they would be interested in putting up a wallpaper for their showroom at ICFF. So we worked out the details and a wallpaper was shipped out on Friday, they should have it in their hands today. Maybelline and her business partner Alex wanted to see some options so I made up a few ideas over a weekend and sent them over. Since a lot of you also know Maybelliene and Snug Furniture I wanted to see if you all know the Snug Furniture team as well as you think and can pick out which one they chose for the showroom. I was surprised and excited to see what they went for. Can you guess which one it is? Not only is one of our wallpapers going up at ICFF, I am also going to be there, so I will take some photos of the showroom and post them here on the blog so you can see which one they actually picked and a sneak peak at the line, for those that can’t be there in person! I know you all can hardly contain the excitement so take your best guess! Oh, and if you are going to be at ICFF let us know and come by and see us and say Hi at booth 1154!

We hope to see you there!


25 things you need to know about the REAL me!


So if you want to learn about the company you can go here, if you want to learn the cleaned up professional part about me you can go here. If you want to know the real me, the one that spends all day working on my computer and occasionally finds the time to meet up with friends you can keep reading!

Here are 25 things you probably don’t know about me, unless you live with me.

1. I curse like a sailor, I drop f-bombs left and right and sometimes they slip out unintentionally.

2. I have a very unhealthy obsession with black pens. I like to draw everything with black pens, going to the art store is very bad for my bank account as I buy almost every pen they have. When I get home I dump them all out on the desk and get a sketchbook out to test out all the lines of the pens, so I know how they all draw. I have a ton of them and I get soooo excited when I go out and buy more!

3. My favorite food is ice cream – I can’t pass it up. I will eat it for lunch or dinner (or both!) yikes!

4. I have a slight addiction to Dr. Pepper, but I think everyone from Texas does.

5. My first car was a ’72 VW Karmann Ghia – dark blue.

6. My second car was a ’71 VW Squareback – orange.

7. I don’t like coffee, but I drink a ton of it. I have to use a ton of Cinnamon Vanilla creamer. To quote the Beastie Boys “I like my sugar with coffee and cream”

8. My favorite band is the Dresden Dolls and my favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (and Dirty Dancing!)

9. My background is in Fashion and I am a super design snob. You would never guess it by the way I dress, I’m a super casual and comfy kinda gal, but I am hard to impress when it comes to fashion.

10. I create designs by trying to express a mood and feeling that I feel rather than trying to create the next cool design.

11. I firmly believe there are absolutely no rules to design and if there are, they are just meant to be broken. I don’t work within the pre-defined parameters of what works and what doesn’t.

12. I will watch anything Bravo TV makes a highlight of mine is when @bravotv and @alexmccord started following me on twitter.

13. I like to have people over, but hate being a hostess.

14. I would make a terrible housewife, I hate cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, doing laundry, gardening, grocery shopping and any other domestic duties you can think of. My fiancé is always trying to “domesticate” me and every now and then there are some glimpses of it working, but they are far and few between.

15. I hate matching anything, except maybe shoes 🙂 I like to mix and match everything, pillows, plates, swimsuits, etc.

16. I love to buy jackets, sweaters, coats, I have way too many for someone who lives in SoCal.

17. I have the best fiancé in the world, he helps me with all the domestic parts of life, thank god or we would live off easy mac and never have clean clothes. We both hate putting up clothes though, it becomes a problem. We usually have to dump them all on the bed so we have to put them up before going to sleep.

18. I love to listen to oldies, mainly from the 50s and 60s. I was so excited to get a record player for our living room so we can play all our old vinyl while I sit and drink coffee and do blog posts!

19. I went and camped out at a 3 day Rock Festival in Nurburgring, Germany. That was the only time I have been to Germany and I don’t think anything could top that experience. It was soooo fun and I wish I could go this year.

20. I live in flip flops and when I need to be “fancy” I put on my converse. I need a new pair.

21. When I need to be Ultra fancy and professional I always have my shoes with me, I keep all of my heels in the trunk of my car, that way whenever I get to where I am going and need to throw them on I have all options with me. You never know when you plan to where black heels and then you get there and decide – no silver is way better! Most times I just stick to the converse anyway so it really doesn’t matter.

22. I read A LOT of books! I am even in two book clubs, but am a little behind in the reading at this moment. I have to finish The 19th Wife, start Divisadero, and read Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself.

23. I paint my nails crazy colors, teal, aqua, purple, silver, the cooler the color the better. Never red or a french manicure (ugh)!

24. I love to see when people have a strong personal style and it pours out in everything they do, I think it is imperative to find your own style and embrace it, never be afraid to express it.

25. I have a compulsion that every drawing, photo, textile print should be blown up gigantic and on a wall, that is one of the reasons that led me to start my company, I couldn’t keep it inside any longer!!

I don’t take myself too seriously, so that is a peak into the REAL me, the stuff that gets left out of the bio.

Inspiration and fun!


So some of you might know me from my days with Soicher Marin and my posts on their blog, so this might be familiar territory. You might remember that I LOVE to make inspiration books, with collages of images that inspire me in some way. Well, I thought I would share some more images with you all again. It’s just a sneak peak at what I find interesting and beautiful. I make sketchbooks full of images and pull them out when I start to stall out and need to jump start my brain for new ideas. Maybe they can inspire you too!