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It is officially the end of summer and to get everyone in the mood for the new school year and fast approaching fall, we are offering 20% off all of our watercolor prints in our Etsy shop and our Canvas prints available here! Enter LABORDAY during check out.

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Art In the Streets

Inspiration Mondays

I went to the MOCA in downtown LA on Saturday to check out the “Art in the Streets” exhibit. I must say I was in love the moment I stepped inside. I love graffiti – even the most basic tagging, I am always drawn to it and am amazed at the larger pieces graffiti artists do. I don’t know how someone can do such detailed large scale work with just some cans of spray paint in the middle of the night hiding from police. I’ve always wanted to do it, but I am just not hard core enough. The installation was insane and way cooler than you would ever expect. It also included art from some of my favorites like Basquiat (not as much as I would have liked), Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Miss Van. I went through the gift shop before I left and they were selling the paint markers that some people use for tagging. It is a little lame to buy your tagging supplies from the museum gift shop but super cool at the same time. It’s like saying go out and add your mark to the graffiti movement, it is a huge collective of artists and you can join at any time. I took a ton of pictures so enjoy. If you are in LA and haven’t gone to the exhibit it closes on the 8th and is free on Thursday from 5-8pm. So try to catch it before it closes!

From the moment you walk in you know you are about to see something special.




This is only the beginning! I will post more soon!





Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Mondays

I recently joined pinterest which is an interesting website. It’s kinda fun. You go around the internet and “pin” images you like and you create little contact sheets of all the things you find. It is great because it actually keeps the link of where you got it which is good news for someone like me with no memory. Also you can follow other boards and people can follow yours. Now all I have to do is remember to pin things as I see them.

What I don’t really dig on pinterest is that the inspiration boards you are creating are just like contact sheets, there is a thumbnail of your image and they are all in a 3×3 grid, I don’t find that kind of layout very appealing and I don’t like inspiration boards that are all “organized”. I like to mix my images together, cut them up and find a layout that is visually stimulating to me. That way every time I look at them I see something different and having the images mashed up together seems to give me more of a creative spark.

The problem with this is I have NO IDEA where any of the images came from. I buy a stack of magazines and rip them apart and just store all the images I found enticing in a folder or old boot box, then months (or years) later I go back to them and start to try to do a layout that speaks to me.

Here are the ones I created yesterday. I definitely lean toward the really dramatic, artful fashion mags that I can never remember the names of and might possibly never find again. I did find the cover of one of the mags in my stack of pages – AnOther – like another fashion magazine.

If you want to follow my pinterest it is my own inspiration boards are below.

Inspiration and fun!


So some of you might know me from my days with Soicher Marin and my posts on their blog, so this might be familiar territory. You might remember that I LOVE to make inspiration books, with collages of images that inspire me in some way. Well, I thought I would share some more images with you all again. It’s just a sneak peak at what I find interesting and beautiful. I make sketchbooks full of images and pull them out when I start to stall out and need to jump start my brain for new ideas. Maybe they can inspire you too!