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It is officially the end of summer and to get everyone in the mood for the new school year and fast approaching fall, we are offering 20% off all of our watercolor prints in our Etsy shop and our Canvas prints available here! Enter LABORDAY during check out.

***This offer does not apply to any custom items or wallpaper projects***

The sale starts today and goes through the 4th of September!

Labor Day blog










Mansion in May Designer Fundraiser


In a beautiful collaboration with Kristina Bade Studios, we were thrilled to take part in a showcase design for the Mansion in May design fundraiser. Mansion in May is an incredible annual designer showcase in the New Jersey-New York area having raised over $8 million for the Morristown Medical Center and Children’s Hospital since 1974.

Kristina Bade Sweeney of Kristina Bade Studios created the below showcase featuring one of our custom design watercolor wallpapers with a unique subtle purple to pink ombre effect. We were thrilled with how the whole design came together!



If you love this watercolor ombre look as much as we do, check out more of our watercolor designs over at Black Crow Studios!

Wallpaper for a Cause: Design on a Dime Annual Benefit

BCS gives Back

More than 60 designers gathered together in late April for the 10th Annual Design on a Dime, Housing Works’ Benefit showcase in New York City. With all proceeds from the room vignette sales going to Hull Street, a housing development for formerly homeless New Yorkers living with H.I.V./AIDS, this year’s event helped raise well over $1 million!

Black Crow Studios was honored to take part in the benefit event by donating our Cuffhome Colorblocking with Black design to J+G Design. We personally think the wall design fit beautifully into their overall showcase design. Check out the photos of the J+G vignette set up below!

As one of the most popular interior design benefits, the event is held at the Metropolitan Pavillion in Chelsea and features more than 50 interior designers who create room vignettes from donated new merchandise and sold at reduced sale prices.




j_g_046    j_g_092

Not only were we pleased to be part of the night’s benefit efforts, but also overwhelmed with the way J+G incorporated this unique wallcovering design into their work. Thanks to J+G Design and Design on a Dime for having Black Crow Studios be a part of this special night!


Anthropologie Exclusive Sale


Here is some exciting news! Earlier this month, Black Crow Studios released an exclusive Black Crow watercolor design to be sold through Anthropologie’s online retailer. For a brief time, this unique blue watercolor will be sold through the online store by the roll. We are thrilled for this collaboration as one of Anthropologie’s first featured wallpaper designers and even more so to share the big news with you!

You can’t find this design anywhere else, so hurry and go buy yourself some wallpaper!

Buy it here.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 2.30.50 PM

Anthro Repeat set up FINAL

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 2.29.41 PM




We have had a great year this year with a lot of fun projects and collaborations!

So to share the love, we are having our first ever sale!! From now until Friday 12/13 at 11:59pm we are offering 50% off every single item in our online store! So, if you have been eyeing one of our canvas prints or one of our wallpapers by the roll, including Maison 21, Cuffhome, and Gray Malin – now is the time to buy!!

Unfortunately this does not apply to any of our custom work – only what is in the online store.

Holiday Sale Banner

On top of that – we have just finalized some new Gray Malin designs based on his A la Montagne series of work, just in time for winter. There are also great new color ways of the Gray Malin graphic patterns and stripes. You can see the full collection on sale here.

Skiers shopify

Winter Trees Install

Amalfi Coast Med Jadeite and Gray

Amalfi Coast Small amethyst web

Dubai Umbrellas Jadeite web

St. Tropez Wallpaper amethyst web

Lisbon Diagonal Install Jade

South Beach Stripe Jade install

Happy Holidays!!


these shoes are made for walking

Work Fun

some fun work I recently did…hope you likey 🙂 It had been a concept in my mind for months and I finally got to sit down and do it. enjoy.

I don’t know there is something about these shoes I just love, maybe the fact they aren’t perfect looking new shoes, but worn shoes that have stories to tell of the places they have gone and the people they have seen.


What do you Crave LA?

Big F*ing News, Work Fun

I had a GREAT week last week!!!!! I have so many great things I want to tell you all about, I won’t go into a lot of details on some of them because there will be blog posts for each coming up. Plus if I say it all *out loud* on the blogosphere I run a high risk of jinxing all of it and that would just be tragic.

First big news is a phone call from a designer on a tv show doing a makeover of a room and she wants to feature one of my wallpapers!!! Woo Hoo!! the coolest thing is it would be on NATIONAL TV and she also happens to write for a big time blog and wants to do a post on the makeover and then later a 2nd post just about my company!! Double score! I don’t want to say any more because this project is a super tight turn around and I’m not 100% positive we will get it to happen this time. I am hoping so, if she is as on top of her shit as she seems we will knock it out of the park. So I am just going to leave it at that and hopefully have an update for your guys in a couple of weeks that all went well and look for our television debut! hehe.

That was Tuesday morning then I turned around and that night I had the Launch Party for the amazing Crave Los Angeles book that my little company was picked to be featured in. It  is such a cool concept, it features 125 women business owners and has a profile of their company. It was exciting to finally see this book come to fruition and it was amazing to see the women who were also in the book, as I am huge fans of some of the companies featured. It was also fulfilling to see my brand new little company sitting there amongst all the other very well established and kick ass companies that I look up to. The party was a blast and was completely PACKED! I ran into many friends and made some new ones too! So it all went better than expected, oh and I gorged myself on mini red velvet cupcakes…so delicious.

The great thing is I have copies of the book for sale if anyone wants one for $25 including shipping. More importantly I am sending them to all of my family!! 2 exciting things happened when I got home and was flipping through reading about all the cool businesses, (1) there was a furniture store called Weego Home (I love the store) and they had one of the pieces I made at Soicher Marin hanging above a bed in the store photo! (2) Melissa Joan Hart ummmmm….hello….Clarissa Explains it All for all you 80’s kids was featured in the book too, I guess she has a kid’s candy and yogurt shop out in the valley.

(terrible photos from my phone, I know.)

The last few things of my action packed week are only going to get a brief and very vague mention because they are still a ways from being official. I will do blog posts for each if they come through so you have all the details!!

1. got an email from a HUGE hotel chain that saw my stuff and took my info at ICFF!! I almost fainted when I opened the email saying they were interested and wanted to get more info….holy crapola…keep your fingers crossed it goes further than that!

2. went and toured a women’s center that is being opened in downtown LA and I am donating a wallpaper for the reception area, possibly doing a lot more through out the building, looking for sponsors or donations to offset costs to do a wallpaper for each floor. Lots more info coming about this one!

3. Have the owner of a very cool company flying out to meet me and we are going to hash out the details for a very exciting collaboration. I am so excited about it and I think it could be very good for my company…or disastrous…but fuck it, I’m going for it!

I know, I know, STFU, enough about me. I am just so excited that I started this little idea of a company 6 months ago and only really started pushing it about 3 months ago. To have all of this coming about is just bananas and I am very excited to see how it all plays out! You all will be the first to know what happens!

25 things you need to know about the REAL me!


So if you want to learn about the company you can go here, if you want to learn the cleaned up professional part about me you can go here. If you want to know the real me, the one that spends all day working on my computer and occasionally finds the time to meet up with friends you can keep reading!

Here are 25 things you probably don’t know about me, unless you live with me.

1. I curse like a sailor, I drop f-bombs left and right and sometimes they slip out unintentionally.

2. I have a very unhealthy obsession with black pens. I like to draw everything with black pens, going to the art store is very bad for my bank account as I buy almost every pen they have. When I get home I dump them all out on the desk and get a sketchbook out to test out all the lines of the pens, so I know how they all draw. I have a ton of them and I get soooo excited when I go out and buy more!

3. My favorite food is ice cream – I can’t pass it up. I will eat it for lunch or dinner (or both!) yikes!

4. I have a slight addiction to Dr. Pepper, but I think everyone from Texas does.

5. My first car was a ’72 VW Karmann Ghia – dark blue.

6. My second car was a ’71 VW Squareback – orange.

7. I don’t like coffee, but I drink a ton of it. I have to use a ton of Cinnamon Vanilla creamer. To quote the Beastie Boys “I like my sugar with coffee and cream”

8. My favorite band is the Dresden Dolls and my favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (and Dirty Dancing!)

9. My background is in Fashion and I am a super design snob. You would never guess it by the way I dress, I’m a super casual and comfy kinda gal, but I am hard to impress when it comes to fashion.

10. I create designs by trying to express a mood and feeling that I feel rather than trying to create the next cool design.

11. I firmly believe there are absolutely no rules to design and if there are, they are just meant to be broken. I don’t work within the pre-defined parameters of what works and what doesn’t.

12. I will watch anything Bravo TV makes a highlight of mine is when @bravotv and @alexmccord started following me on twitter.

13. I like to have people over, but hate being a hostess.

14. I would make a terrible housewife, I hate cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, doing laundry, gardening, grocery shopping and any other domestic duties you can think of. My fiancé is always trying to “domesticate” me and every now and then there are some glimpses of it working, but they are far and few between.

15. I hate matching anything, except maybe shoes 🙂 I like to mix and match everything, pillows, plates, swimsuits, etc.

16. I love to buy jackets, sweaters, coats, I have way too many for someone who lives in SoCal.

17. I have the best fiancé in the world, he helps me with all the domestic parts of life, thank god or we would live off easy mac and never have clean clothes. We both hate putting up clothes though, it becomes a problem. We usually have to dump them all on the bed so we have to put them up before going to sleep.

18. I love to listen to oldies, mainly from the 50s and 60s. I was so excited to get a record player for our living room so we can play all our old vinyl while I sit and drink coffee and do blog posts!

19. I went and camped out at a 3 day Rock Festival in Nurburgring, Germany. That was the only time I have been to Germany and I don’t think anything could top that experience. It was soooo fun and I wish I could go this year.

20. I live in flip flops and when I need to be “fancy” I put on my converse. I need a new pair.

21. When I need to be Ultra fancy and professional I always have my shoes with me, I keep all of my heels in the trunk of my car, that way whenever I get to where I am going and need to throw them on I have all options with me. You never know when you plan to where black heels and then you get there and decide – no silver is way better! Most times I just stick to the converse anyway so it really doesn’t matter.

22. I read A LOT of books! I am even in two book clubs, but am a little behind in the reading at this moment. I have to finish The 19th Wife, start Divisadero, and read Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself.

23. I paint my nails crazy colors, teal, aqua, purple, silver, the cooler the color the better. Never red or a french manicure (ugh)!

24. I love to see when people have a strong personal style and it pours out in everything they do, I think it is imperative to find your own style and embrace it, never be afraid to express it.

25. I have a compulsion that every drawing, photo, textile print should be blown up gigantic and on a wall, that is one of the reasons that led me to start my company, I couldn’t keep it inside any longer!!

I don’t take myself too seriously, so that is a peak into the REAL me, the stuff that gets left out of the bio.

Kenzo, Lacroix, McQueen, YSL,LV


I think I can finish up the seat crashing posts with this one. The first show is Kenzo, which is another company I was unfamiliar with, but I loved after I left. I didn’t have a close seat but where it was I had a good view. This one was also in the Carrousel de Louvre so it was pretty easy to get into. I just love the way they mix prints and use so much color but it isn’t overkill. It was a modern hippy look, but it looked fresh and not stuck in the 60’s.

At the end of the show they parted the backdrop and revealed that all the models were lounging behind the scenes. It was absolutely beautiful.

Now lets get the last Lacroix pics up and going. This one I got to sit front row, I just had my eye on an empty seat and they peeled back the plastic off the runway and the seat was still empty with nobody making a move towards it, so I snatched it up!

Now lets get to the 2nd McQueen show I got into. His PR company (I can’t remember the name) is fondly known as the KGB by the industry because they are tough at the door and there is no BSing them to get in. I was lucky enough the first time because the entrance was so big they couldn’t keep on top of everyone trying to get in. This time the entrance was very small and they were on me big time, so I just waited until everyone had gone in and there were just a few of us trying to get in (like maybe 5 people) so they just let us in and told us to stand in the back. Well that is just not how I roll, so I grabbed a seat on the front row. Woo Hoo!! Anyway, I had a good spot and the show was beautiful, it was a Alfred Hitchcock inspired collection. The models walked around the balcony above us and then would descend the stairs onto the runway. It was a much more wearable collection, but you could see in the tailoring and details how much thought went into each piece.

The next show I have is Lanvin. Supposedly it was the hottest ticket of Paris Fashion Week that year. I thought it was a nice show, but nothing spectacular. I got in a bit early at this show and there was hardly anybody inside, so I had to avoid all the ushers who were waiting around so they didn’t try to talk to me or god forbid help me find my seat! This was the only show I went to that had some kind of snack before hand, they were walking around giving out fresh hand made lollipops that had some kind of fruit in the center. I was STARVING and ended up eating 6 of them at least. I was also exhausted because it was one of the shows later in the day and it had been a very busy week so far. I didn’t know it was the big show for the week, so I just went and sat at the very back on an aisle so I could see, but I just had to get off my feet and relax and sitting back there you don’t get many people like myself trying to steal your seat. That is to let you know why the pictures are so bad AND my camera was about to die, so I only got a few shots.

So as I just looked through all the photos for shows I haven’t shown, I realized we are about to get to the end and to the shows that I just don’t have great photos of because they were usually the last shows of the day and my camera just couldn’t make it through that many photos and would die at the best moments.

Louis Vuitton. Hmmm….definitely not a fan and have never been. I don’t want one of their purses and probably would never use one if I was given it for free. I have a huge aversion to anything LV. That being said I am a fan of Marc Jacobs so when I happen to be given a ticket to the show I was slightly excited to go, hoping I would see more to it than I see in my everyday life and in shops in the US. I was disappointed in this show, I was rolling my eyes at most of the designs and wanted to throw up a little bit seeing denim jeans with the LV monogram all over them, who would ever in their right mind wear something like that? It is irritating me just writing about it. BTW I did see a man wearing similar pants at another show and it was just tacky, everything he was wearing had some kind of blatant labeling across it. I wanted to punch him, but I resisted the urge. 🙂 So back to getting a ticket, as I am sure you assumed I did not get one from the LV house, the name I use on the list to get into some shows called me up and told me she got an extra ticket they changed her seat after the first one went out (she is friends with Marc Jacobs and he gave her a better seat than the original seating plan) so she let me use her other ticket. Woo Hoo, it was finally an easy show to get into. Since I don’t LOVE LV I just took my seat. Actually how it played out since I was in relaxed mode and not in stealth mode an usher came up to me as I was looking for my seat and I let him lead me to my seat. It was all the way on the last row and this place the seating went up really high. It was a beautiful space, but up that high was the nose bleed section. We got up there and someone else was in the seat, we both had tickets for that seat, but the lady got super nervous (maybe someone gave her the ticket) and the usher was confused and needed to find a seating chart. I decided to just sit by her, in what would be the aisle if there were any seats above us. The usher forgot about us and the woman thanked me over and over for not having her kicked out of the seat. I just wanted them to leave us alone because I wasn’t supposed to be there and I got the feeling she wasn’t either 🙂

sorry the photos are terrible! After the show there was all this commotion and it turns out Uma Thurman was headed my way, I’m assuming to go backstage. My camera battery was getting low and I was trying to get a picture of her (that was the most interesting part of the show) she was surrounded by body guards and other people, but she saw me trying to get a photo and looked directly at my camera for about 5 seconds as she was walking towards me, but the camera was dying an would not take a photo!!! Finally this is what I ended up with it was the photo I got before she looked at my camera and then the camera froze up “thinking” and I got one photo after she walked by. lame.

The next few photos are from Galliano. He is another of my favorite designers and I had no idea I would be able to get in. It was the last show of the day and I grabbed the bus to go out there because it was a ways out from anywhere I had been in the city and I knew I would never be able to find my way there in time. So on the ride I decided my strategy. I went up and patiently waited in the mass of people trying to get checked off the list. At one point some american students decided to fake some invitations (by folding up white pieces of paper, pathetic attempt) and they tried to get past security. Well the security guard wasn’t having any of that and had them removed from the property. He was pointing them out to the other guards and he pointed at me too!!! When they tried to remove me I was saying no no no monsieur I need to talk to the man with the list. I actually said it in french, I have no idea how to say it now. So they left me there waiting in the freezing cold standing in snow at night. Great…I knew I had to get in or I would be miserable, I was shivering already and my teeth were chattering.  So eventually everyone was going in and things had calmed down the guy (and he was no intern) asked me who I was on the list and I knew not to use the name I knew as myself, so I mentioned I was supposed to come with her she had an extra ticket, but we got separated on the buses and I think she is already inside. He just stood there for what seemed like forever, looked around and then just said “ok, go in”. Holy Crap, I was about to go into Galliano! I went up the stairs inside and it was EXTREMELY dark inside I was trying to let my eyes adjust to see where I was supposed to go and I started to walk into the entrance of the show and all of a sudden I was grabbed by my arm and shoulder by the security guard that pointed at me earlier. He literally drug me by the arm back outside. I was telling him, I am allowed to be here!! He drags me down the stairs and back to the guy who just let me in. oh great. Thankfully the guy waved the guard away and said she can go in. He apologized and when I saw him working 2 shows the next day he waved me in to both and apologized again. Wow. So I ran back inside and tried to find my way to any seat, the place was packed and I found a box that I think was a seat. I plopped down and the show started a couple of minutes later. Now as this was a late show also, I only got a few photos before my camera died. 😦 It was a beautiful show inspired by the film “Aviator” the venue was decorated like a movie set and I was sitting on a milk crate.

that one is my favorite photo.

Last but not least, the very last show I crashed in Paris was Yves Saint Laurent. It was just after Tom Ford left and from what I was hearing people were not looking forward to the new designers collection. Must be hard to follow someone so loved in the fashion community. It was the last show of the day too. I was over it. I was completely exhausted by everything and I just walked into the venue. It was two large doors with a couple of security guards. I walked up and tried to walk past the first one, he grabbed me and said I need to see your ticket. I stopped looked at him and turned around and walked through the other door and they looked so surprised! He yelled down at me “Mademoiselle, Mademoiselle, I need to see your ticket!!” I just kept walking and went right in. I grabbed a seat and just enjoyed the show. So here are the final pictures.

So that is it folks! I might do a post at a later date with some of the bad shows I went to in Paris, but I’m kind of worn out from all of these, so I might not!! Anyway, I have some cool things coming up not related to fashion shows so be on the lookout for that!

Front Row at Christian Lacroix


After honing all my skills going to the fashion shows I started to be able to get into some really good ones. Christian Lacroix was the first one I ever sat front row at and I was lucky enough to meet him afterwards. It was a highlight to me, but I’m sure completely forgettable to him. Oh well, at least I was able to shake his hand and say how much I loved the show and what an inspiration he is. It is so sad to see that a few short years later his company is bankrupt and he has practically no say in anything with his name attached to it. 😦

I thought this show was great because it was Spring/Summer and it was light and fun and casual but still so elegant. His use of prints was always so great to see as so many designers don’t use them or don’t know how to use them. He always knows how to use them. A good friend of mine actually worked in his textile department for a couple of years. I told her once she takes over that department she has to give me a job there and we would dominate the world with our prints!! Haha!

So here are some pictures from the show.

As I said before, this was my first time on the front row, and it was a surprist that my friend and I got to sit there. We squeezed our way in past security and went inside. We were just happy to be in to witness the show as this was still in the beginning of my show crashing career. The runway was laid out in a figure 8 and there were 3 or 4 rows of chairs following this shape. We just went and stood on the side of the room waiting to see where we were supposed to stand. As everyone took their seats there were 2 open on the front row and an usher came over and asked us to sit in them. REALLY??!! They just needed to fill the space before the show began. That is when it clicked for me that there are probably seats available at every show you just have to keep a look out for them.

I was told that all those reporters and buyers and whatnot are usually trying to catch up with old friends they see at the shows and a ton of them go to talk with someone and just take the seat next to them. A lot of people are not in seats where they are supposed to be and people just adjust even if it means squeezing extra people on the row or just moving to another spot. I’m sure there are a few people that are determined to have THEIR seat, but for the most part people have no idea where they are supposed to be sitting and they don’t really care they just sit where they want. So the best way to take one of those seats is you have to eye the seats that are empty even though most of the seats around them are full. Then you just have to stick close to your top 2 or 3 seats you could take and wait….and wait….and wait….and avoid talking to the ushers….and wait. You also need to keep an eye on the people chatting all over the place and see if any of them keep looking at the seats, because that probably means that is their seat and it is best to find another. Keep waiting and then just before the show starts they remove the plastic that is protecting the runway, this means you have about a minute before the show starts. Usually they have stopped letting people in at this point, so do one last look all around the place and see if anybody is making a move to the seats you are eyeing. Usually this is when people just sit where they are at because you can’t walk across the runway at this point and it is time to sit down and shut up. So make your move, snatch the seat and get your camera out! If you have the patience to wait there is always a good seat available. I was very good at this trick early in the days of the shows, but by the shows late in the day I usually just wanted to get inside and find a seat where I could see from and sit down for a few minutes and relax before the shows started.

Another great thing my friends and I did was sign up to be dressers for Costume National, I only have a couple of photos from backstage before the models came after that it was crazy hectic and then it was over. The jewelry at this show in particular was beautiful and I remember it getting a lot of press.

I want to go ahead and post the Lacroix and Valentino photos I got from the Couture shows I got into, I also was introduced to Mr. Valentino, I respect him and his brand, but I am not a huge fan of the design style, it was still cool though.

Here is Lacroix, I was in the 2nd or 3rd row and we had white roses on the seats for the 1st-3rd rows that you throw onto the runway at the end for him and the “bride”.

It’s Lily Cole, she was the “it” model for a few years.

I love the back of that blue dress. Beautiful draping.

Just gorgeous!


the bride. Not my favorite, but the detailing is amazing!

Here are some of the Valentino pics.

The detailing of this coat is beautiful

Look it’s Naomi Campbell!!

Since these posts just keep getting longer and longer, I will wrap this up and bring you more in a couple of days!!

See you then!