We have had a great year this year with a lot of fun projects and collaborations!

So to share the love, we are having our first ever sale!! From now until Friday 12/13 at 11:59pm we are offering 50% off every single item in our online store! So, if you have been eyeing one of our canvas prints or one of our wallpapers by the roll, including Maison 21, Cuffhome, and Gray Malin – now is the time to buy!!

Unfortunately this does not apply to any of our custom work – only what is in the online store.

Holiday Sale Banner

On top of that – we have just finalized some new Gray Malin designs based on his A la Montagne series of work, just in time for winter. There are also great new color ways of the Gray Malin graphic patterns and stripes. You can see the full collection on sale here.

Skiers shopify

Winter Trees Install

Amalfi Coast Med Jadeite and Gray

Amalfi Coast Small amethyst web

Dubai Umbrellas Jadeite web

St. Tropez Wallpaper amethyst web

Lisbon Diagonal Install Jade

South Beach Stripe Jade install

Happy Holidays!!



Recent Rejects

Recent Rejects, Work Fun

I am compiling all the designs that have been created for clients that have been delegated to the reject pile.  A little peak at the things that might never see the light of day….until now. Now don’t laugh some are just works in progress and when they weren’t progressing very well they got hidden away to never be seen again.

sample prints that were delivered to a client this evening – one was the big winner of these 3.

Same client differnt area one of the 5 printed was selected for another little area in her home.



sample printing

rejected, but still beautiful

rejected maybe because it looks like something Dexter would be investigating.

another one bites the dust, but I think it might find a special place in my home 🙂

REJECTED!!!! But similar one used on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

rough draft of similar idea….REJECTED!

ok, so the extreme makeover stuff is very “young teen” but at least you get to be really creative and over the top it’s kind of anything goes such as these pink ice cream cones. I think they might be frightening at 10ft. tall, or else they would totally kick ass, but we will never know for sure.

these are kind of hard to see – maybe that is a good thing?

moody – a bit tooo moody. I was feeling very emo that day.

another one for Extreme Makeover

Downtown Women’s Center reject!


Welp there you go! I have more hidden away that REALLY should never be out for public viewing and hopefully were lost when my hard drive crashed and burned last week, but I am sure I will stumble across them one day and be horrified by the crap I find. such is life.

this is not ikea

Personal stuff

So, I was browsing Facebook the other day and there was  post from one of my FAV stores – This is Not Ikea – also known as Tini. They find and sell some super cool vintage furniture and I guess also do a bit of interior design. Well wouldn’t you know it they are filming for a Bravo TV show and are looking for people here in the Los Angeles area that want their homes redecorated by them. HELLOOOOOOO – we just bought a new house and I would LOVE to have them come in and give it some personality. Also they mentioned you would get all the furniture at a BIG discount and let’s be honest – who couldn’t use that?? We most definitely could, not gonna lie. Like the HUGEST discount ever would be fantastic!! So, I totally emailed them and said PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!! I really doubt that they will, but anyone else out there who wants to come help decorate our new house and give us funky cool furniture for super cheap – CALL ME!

So for those of you who aren’t familiar with the store, I have painstakingly gone through the site and picked out my favorite things!

This is the first image you see on the site and it makes me swoon! Add some of this furniture and my custom wallpaper and I think you have a winning combination…if I may say so myself!

Ok so I am gonna throw a lot of pictures at you, but I would be totally happy if they showed up with ANY of these things…or hell I’d be happy if they just showed up at all!

This is like my favorite desk ever!!

this couch makes me feel all I Love Lucy!

These would be heavenly around our dining room table….if we had one…

I desperately need both of these as lights in my house!!

some art for the walls

a few accessories!

I love that light….LOVE IT!

ok, I have to stop, this is getting ridiculous! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and maybe you will see our little home getting redecorated soon…I hope they read this 🙂

What the Heck am I doing?


For my first blog post I want to put it all out there for you guys. I have no idea what I am doing! That might not be entirely true, but that is how I feel. I am sitting here on the verge of launching my own company, something that I am 100% responsible for, the successes and failures of Black Crow Studios are all on my shoulders…that is a scary thought. As much as I know what I am doing and think I have thought out all the “what-ifs” there is an unknown part to all of this that keeps me going back and fourth from excited to scared back to excited…back to scared. Right now as I sit in bed typing this, my website has gone live  and I’m a little nervous, in the good way… I think. So I am going to take a deep breath and tell myself there is no turning back now! Time to take all of that dreaming of what it can be and turn it into reality!!! So here we go! I’m excited for all the work that is ahead of me and I hope you all enjoy watching as I find my way through the world of entrepreneurship. You will all see as it develops – the ups and downs, the good times and bad, all on display for the world (or blog readers) to see.

Now that that is off my chest…I hope you all enjoy the site and the blog and be sure to check back often for new things because we are always designing over here and new ideas will be added to the site on a regular basis.

Sit back and enjoy this wild ride!